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anyone ever tow thier boat with only three wheels on their trailer?


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I finally got my new VLX delivered to me on Sunday and it had a broken axle on the tandom trailer. I was planning on putting it in the water on Thursday but of course this is a problem. Boatmate is going to warranty it but it will take a week or two to get the new axle out to me. The axle manufacturer told me it would be fine to drive it for the short 30 minute drive to the lake as long as I took it easy just on the three wheels. Does anyone else have any experience with this??????????? Thanks in advance!

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I've been told that you can drive the trailer, loaded with the boat, with a missing tire. You have to chain the axle up high to the trailer frame. And then drive slow. I guess this is the big reason why we buy tandem axle trailers.

I've never done it. And frankly it seems like there could be a few issues. Like if it's a front wheel/axle that is missing, isn't the tongue weight going to be a LOT more than normal?

Another option is to ask your dealer for a loaner trailer. I've loaned mine to my dealer before so I'm positive he'd loan me one in a pinch. :rockon:

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Had a wheel sieze up on a tandem trailer several years ago and had to drive it about 5 miles on three wheels (after removing one wheel) with no problem. It probably depends on the weight distribution and design of trailer.

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Broke an axle on a tandem enclosed car haller and limped the las 50 miles into Montreal. No problem.

You do know you ain't going to Look good doing it. :lol:

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I had to do it once at 10 at night with my Cobalt to get home, that is before I had a spare. Needless to say I bought a spare tire the next week but it is possible to do just take it easy and make sure nothing drags on the road.

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Thanks for all the replies. It's making me feel better about dropping the boat off tomorrow. Don't know what caused the problem but the delivery company towed it about 500 miles with the wheel tilting in. Wore the tire real bad and rubbed a little in the fender, but made it here like that. There were no signs that he hit anything so I don't know what happened. UFP is going to tear it apart once they get it back to them and see if something failed in the tortion axle. They seem to think the axle is broke in there. Boatmate and UFP are being great about correcting the problem for me so far. I only hope it continues.

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you might want to check with your local pd, to see if it is legal to drive a vehicle without tires on all axles.

does the wheel you are deleting have brakes?....if yes...do not get in a collision because you could not stop.

does the total carrying capacity of the remaining tires add up to cover the combined weight of the trailer and boat? If not, you are not legal for sure.

is the carrying capacity of the one remaining supporting axle enough to cover the combined weight of the trailer and boat...if not, there could be a ticket in your future.

sorry to be debbie downer, but you do need to consider these consequences.

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The trip to the lake went fine. Just babied it there. Thanks everyone for the advice on towing on the three wheels. I LOVE MY NEW BOAT!!!!!!!!!!

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