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no start


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well i wake up this morning to winterize my boat. When I go to start the boat it wont start. The battery turns the engine over but that is all. Ive sprayed starting fluid in it but still nothing. Could it be the battery isnt pushing enough amps to turn the motor over fully or is it something else?

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Are you getting spark at the plugs? Easy to check with a helper.

Got gas?

Is the lanyard connected? Sounds silly and there will be several comments about that, but I have seen many boats refuse to start for that simple reason.

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well i really dont have the money to put it in the shop to even get winterized so i was gonna do it myself. It hasnt been ran in about 3 months. I dont have a lanyard on my boat for some reason or i jus have never used it or seen it lol. It sounds like its not getting gas or not a spark so when my GF comes over today ill let her help me out. Whats the best way to see if the spark plugs are getting a spark.

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The BEST way or the Most Fun way if you have a helper... have your helper hold the metal part of the end of a plug wire and give the engine a crank. If there is a spark, trust me he will inform you. ROFL.gif

Otherwise take a plug wire off a plug, insert some type of metal object into the end of the plug wire. Something like a screwdriver, nail, bolt then "Carefully"(so as not to end up like your helper) hold the metal item 1/4 inch away from some form of grounded metal on the engine, such as the Alt bracket, crank the engine and look for spark.

To get an engine to fire off is not real hard, you need two things 1. gas 2. spark. To have it run smooth you need things like timing, compression and proper fuel mixture. But spark and gas are you first two paths.

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the best thing to "stick" in the plug wire to check for spark is a spark plug. you also want to pay attention to the color - blue is good. yellow or orange is weak.

if it was running last time you used it, i would suspect a fuel problem.

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If you have no spark but your plugs are wet, you are getting fuel. If you crank for 20-30 seconds, pull a couple of plugs and they are bone dry, you aren't getting fuel.

No fuel:

1. Do you have fuel in the tank?

2. Check breakers for the fuel pump.

3. I'm assuming this is a carburated engine. If so, look down the throat of the throttle and pump it a couple of times. You should see fuel going down the throat.

4. When is th last time you change the fuel filters? Could be plugged. Pull off the fuel line after the filter and turn the ignition to on. It should pump fuel into a safe container you provide. This would not be a good time to be smoking.

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Ive sprayed starting fluid in it but still nothing

if you did spray some down the carb and no start or even try to start then its not a fuel problem. I would see if you can find the lanyard connected, this is the first place, then spark, ign module. Lets start there and see what you come up with.

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ok guys thanks for working with me on this. I also just recieved my indmar clymer manual a couple days ago. This may be a dumb question but I jus dont see a lanyard switch and ive ran it all summer(first summer to have boat). Could you point me in the direction maybe im missing it but theyve always been at the starter key or throttle by the drivers seat on the toys ive drove on the water.

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would anyone happen to know what socket size these sparkplugs are. Looks like im going to have to go buy a deep socket.

Yes you will need and should a good set of deep sockets. Amzing how often you need the things. I just changed the battery on my Odessey and could only do it with deep sockets.

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There are two common sizes of spark plugs, 13/16ths (older GM V-8) and 5/8ths (newer models) yours is most likely 5/8ths. Run down to Sears Hardware and buy a rubber lined Spark Plug Socket. Less chance of damaging the porcelain on the plug if you use the right tool.

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