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Interior Lighting Diagram

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The previous owner of my boat had added a couple of extra interior lights and these seem to have created a problem in the wiring. Whenever I turn on the interior lights they turn on for about 5 seconds, then the circuit breaker blows.

I am going to try to wire out all the extra lights that were added and see if that removes the problem.

Does anyone know how the interior lighting is wired for a 2000 Response LX or have a diagram?

Thank you


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No such diagram for any of these boats.

Let me give you some advice. Sounds like you've got an overcurrent situation not a direct short to ground. What I would do is remove one bulb at a time out of the accessory lights until the circuit breaker doesn't blow anymore. This may take a little while but, it could drastically speed up diagnose time. If you find that one particular bulb/light fixture is causing the overcurrent, it'll be easier to fix. Also, if there's a lot of extra lights running on the circuit, maybe you just have too much draw. Can you do a current draw test within the 5 secs. that they work and see if they're drawing more that whatever the circuit breaker is rated for?

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Uh-oh. Someone stuck a 5V bulb in a 12V socket. :)

OR, it could be he wired into the light circuit with some other accessory and it is pulling the excess current that pushes the fuse past it's I2t rating. If you have a bunch of lights out before it starts working I'd start looking for something else wired in there.

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Is it obvious what lights the previous owner added??

With that breaker off, see if anything else does not work. This may tell you what else is on the ckt. Look for things that don't belong.

Good luck!


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I agree with Pistol Pete:

I think you have too much current on your circuit. I would do the job the right way. You can get an auto ATO fuse block at Napa or a marine one from West Marine for around 20 dollars.

Install the fuse block near the battery and add a new wire from the battery positive terminal to the fuse block. The other side of the fuse block should be connected to a SPST Toggle Switch on the dash and from there go to the lights. Connect the return line from the lights to the common ground under the dash.

Add the appropriate fuse(s) to the fuse block.

Use the Pie formula --- Power(watts) = i (current amps) * e (energy volts)

Usually the larger lamps will advertise their wattage. Just divide that by 12V

example: 1200 watts / 12 volts = 100 amps

If you cannot find a rating, start with 15 amp fuse if that blows then double it... Automotive headlights draw 30-60 amps

Make sure that the wire you use is thick enough to handle the current and the SPDT Toggle switch can handle the current.

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