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Newbie! Full fledged Virgin on water


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i am brand new to the boating scene. i come from drag racing motorcycles and i fill it might be time to do a little something different! after my last little go around with my right ankle. so i know i wont be doing much skiing or barefooting, but i do have 3 kids, 8, 9 , and 10!

so its mostly for them, if u know what i meam. even tho i dont think its just perfect for us, but it will do for a while.

a partner of mine told me to buy a boat, so i bought what he told me too.

a 1990 malibu with a outoard 200.

thats about all i can tell ya.

i can talk bike all day long, but im going to need all kinds of help and advice on this!

yall bear with me, but ill be asking alot i imagine!



my grudge bike


my street et bike, has been 8.43 at 170mph.



my better half


my last go round




and my new lil toy,

102 hrs,


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Welcome! You’ve come to the correct place and you’ll get more info than you’ll be able to process! :) btw there are others that are into track racing on motorcycles but you’re the first for dragging that I’m aware of. That boat will be full with just your family, but it’s a start. Just depends upon what you want to do. Being around boats for the first time and outboard is dangerous more so than an inboard, but you’re accustomed to dealing w/ safety being into dragging. That boat looks to be in great shape..wow!

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Thats a great footin boat a a decent slalom, but with that many kids you might consider a tower because you won't be able to safely sit in the back when towing.

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yea, looking into the tower thing. the guy that talked me into the boat is a barefooter and he wants the boat when he comes back home. so im just going to use it till i can get something else.

i have took her out once, but the mistake was on a day with hi winds and in the local reservoir. not a good choice.

hopefully will be a calm weekend and ill get to feel her out a bit more.

the boat has only 102 hrs on it i think,

it is real clean but need a lil polishing, other than that, i dont know what else i need.

the radio isnt owrking but i havent had time to fool with it. it powers on but wont display anything and no sound is coming thru.


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where do i find this? and is it the one i need?

you can get a series 2 tower from Star One wake. i cant say if its the one you need but it should definitely be the one you want. the are custom built to your boats dimensions and its a strong, durable tower!



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I like the last picture of your bike on the dock the best! She will make a good accessory for your new boat as well :thumbup:

Welcome to the crew!

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If you have a person in the water shut the engine off. Neutral is not good enough. Find someone to show you how to drive it. Like motorcycles boats are most difficult to maneuver at the slowest speed, especially in wind...but it sounds like you already figured that out.

Have fun!

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I like the last picture of your bike on the dock the best! She will make a good accessory for your new boat as well :thumbup:

Welcome to the crew!


So are you keeping the bikes?

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they are gone! as of sunday.

i race for a team out of alabama, and they have three different bikes with completely different classes of racing.

so ill just be riding theres while my foot is healing, not even 80% yet. but it wont be long, and ill be in the 7's again.

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