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2011 Wakesetter VLX or 2011 Wakesetter LSV


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I've been in the process of looking at malibu boats and potentially buying one. I can't decide whether I should get the Wakesetter VLX or the Wakesetter LSV. I have a family of 5 and we are avid skiers, wakeboarders, and wake surfers. This is our first malibu or wakeboard boat we've ever bought.I know the LSV is 23 ft long and the VLX is 21 ft long. We had a 21 ft Sea Ray and we felt a little cramped. But people say that the VLX is sportier and may deliver a better wake than the LSV. So I can't decide whether we need the extra space in the LSV or we want a little sportier boat.

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I feel like our VLX can comfortably hold 2 in the bow and and 7 in the back. I have never heard of anyone saying that the VLX is sportier they look the same.. The LSV is a little bit more awesome because you get the extra room. I'd say go for the LSV if you have the cash. Either way you are not going to be disappointed in your purchase.

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We are also a family of five. I have owned a VLX and currently own a LSV definetly go with the LSV you will not regret it

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I was at the same crossroad a year ago. I have had 23 Lsv's since 2004, so I was concerned about giving up the space. After driving 2 hours just to sit in a VLX and get a feel for the size, I definitely missed the extra room. The lines of the VLX are indeed a bit sportier, but it is not something that most people would notice. The available gel patterns and colors are a bit different too. I had colors and patterns all picked out for a custom VLX, but in the end I went with the bigger boat. If I had not spent time in a 23, the VLX probably would have felt just fine. My tow vehicle and garage would accomodate either boat, so that was not an issue. If I had a family of 5 (plus friends) the 23 would be an easy choice.

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Also, you will find the VLX seating layout to be roomier than the Sea Ray 21.

About the wake......the 23 is a wider boat and the wake will be wider at any given point. You will have to shorten the rope or just work a little harder to get to the other side. With the power wedge and factory ballast, either boat throws a premium wake that can be shaped any way you want.

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I have the VLX. I love it! but I would have gotten the 23 LSV if my garage would hold it. The VLX barely fits, but it's worth it to keep the Bu in the basement.

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As the owner of a VLX who has a 2011 ordered, if you have the space, budget, and a crew of 5+, I'd go with the LSV. Anyone who tells you the LSV is a step down in wake doesn't know what they're talking about. Like skyskier said, both wakes can be setup pretty similarly depending on weight placement and both wakes are top notch. I love my VLX wake, but I actually like the LSV wake slightly more, it's all personal preference, but if this is your first wakeboat, you'll be happy with either.

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We have a family of four but rarely go out with less than 7 or 8. We had a Centurion Elite-V which was a great boat but was around 21'. The primary reason we changed boats was for the extra room. The bonus was that the new boat is cooler in every way, just hope it is as reliable as the Centurion was.

Bring your family to the dealer then have another 4 or 5 folks from the dealer sit in each boat with you. That will answer your question in short order. Even if the kids aren't inviting friends now they will be within a year or two. Nothing better than a boat full of kids out on the water.

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I have the lsv, but got it on the diamond hull. Our family likes to do everything, so we wanted wakes and no wakes. pretty happy with both wakes.

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One thing to consider, I was in the same position considering the VLX or LSV... I also chose the VLX, one thing I did do was buy an extra set of board racks to accomodate more surfboards/wakeboards, these will take up quite a bit of room quickly. I have three kids, so we usually have 4 wakeboards and 2 surfboards, and all of them will be up and out of the way. We usually ride with 8-10 people, anything more than 10 for me just gets to crazy!

Beautiful! Congratulations.... Great looking boat.... enjoy it and get out there!

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Another thing to remember when comparing I.O. to inboards L.O.A. is that the swim platform length will be included in the I.O. and not in the inboard. That leaves more usable interior space in a inboard than I.O. My old Bryant was 4 inches shorter than my VLX but the VLX has a lot more interior space.

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