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Dimensions of Response with Trailer


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Hi all,

I have a 95 Response (no tower) on an Elete trailer without a swing tongue. I am trying to line up summer storage and I am currently 18+ hours away from it. Does anyone have the dimensions?

Thanks in advance...

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If nobody posts up an answer, I'll try to measure my Elete tonight if I can get my garage door open against the 8" of snow we got. :(

In the mean time for some keyboard calculations:

IIRC correctly, my garage is 22' deep. I have to turn the boat around and push it in forward. Then to clear the door, the front hitch of the trailer has to be between the studs and touching the outside sheeting of the garage. This leaves me approx. 1/2" between the door and the speedometer pitots, with the platform off and the back of the hull flush with the rear of the main bunks of the trailer.

Edit: Must be 22' because I had to move my air compressor out of it's closet and open the door to put the front of the trailer in there. The bow of the boat just comes into that closet, and it can't be much more than 2' deep.

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My boat is in storage at the moment and I have a Boatmate trailer, but for what its worth... I have 23' and change, with the platform off and the wedge down it fits very comfortably, but it wont fit with the platform on.

So based on jk13's comments, it sounds like if you have 23' you are good to go.

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Not the complete answer, but I have the option of unbolting the actual hitch and the bow roller is adjustable so I move that forward a bit so the transom is flush with the trailing edge of the trailer. This ends up taking about a foot more the the total boat length and the platform is obviously removed and no wedge. So, you can squeeze in a 21' spot.

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Plus you wiill need a minimum 9ft wide door.

I was thinking the same thing. I think the 3rd garage door (single) on my new house is only 8' wide = 96" wide. I have a feeling that that section of the garage is going to turn into the keggerator, shuffleboard, foosball, dartboard, mancave (instead of boat section). Time to set up a storage section on the side of the house I guess. First time my Echelon will be stored outdoors...ouch.

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Thanks for the help...

They have 10X20, 10X25, and 10X30 sizes, sounds like the 10X25 will be the best bet.


You are correct...10x20 won't work so it leaves you with the other choices. I have a 1998 Echelon (same dimensions as Response) on an Elete trailer with no removable tongue. The total length with wedge down and platform removed is roughly 22'6" and about 1" or so less if measuring to the pitot tubes. It fits in my 24' deep garage with a few inches to spare the wedge against the back wall.

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