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What uses the same trailers as 2008 23LSV?


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Im eyeing buying a 23LSV without a trailer and need to get it home. What trailers are compatibul for lugging it home (5 hours trip). Im looking to rental one from the local dealer, but he is only been a 'bu dealer for a couple months and doesnt really know. Or more likely doesn't want to be too helpful since it is a lost sale for him...Im in the Roanoke VA area if anyone has one nearby and interested in make a few bucks. THANKS!

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I wanted to put a 2010 23 LSV on a Boatmate trailer that was made for a 2007 23 LSV. I was concerned because I knew the hull was changed in 2008. I called Boatmate to ask if it would work. The answer was yes it would work, but since the bunks are spaced differently and the front to rear weight distribution is different, it would be a very bad idea. You might get away with supporting the hull in the wrong area, and you might not. Improper weight distribution can cause poor handling, possibly leading to loss of control. The point is, these trailers are boat specific. You put your boat, yourself, and everyone else on the road at risk if you put your boat on anything other than the right trailer.

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You'll need a trailer for an 2008-2011 23 LSV since they all ride on the same hull you'll be fine.

I'd also think a 247 trailer would work but the boat would be further up and put more tongue weight on the vehicle.

Any shorter trailers will reduce tongue weight which can be dangerous.

A regular I/O trailer could work but you really need to adjust the bunks to make it work which usually required a crane, not sure if you're buying from a dealer or a private party.


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Thanks for the responses...Its a dealer. He has offered to find me a trailer for $2500 (which I may resort too). I really dont need / want a trailer but this boat seems like a good deal. And one of the few 23lsv 8.1 boats out there.

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