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Interior/Exterior Cleaning

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I know there are a ton of threads on this stuff but wanted to ask specifically for my boat. In the next few weeks we will be having the boat fully detailed (buff, wax, shampoo carpet, vinyl treated, ect.) What products do you guys suggest for the gel coat in order to maintain a nice coating on the hull and any vinyl products that are great to use.

also some of the seats have some yellow stains from the previous owner. supposedly they are from sun tan lotion. I had a thread about this awhile ago and people just said to let the cushions sit in the sun and they should clear up. We are considering dying the vinyl to get rid of the yellow stains. any insight on a remedy?

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All that cleaning sounds like fun!!!! My boat also has the yellow spots and I'm fairly sure they are a factory flaw with the cushions, not suntan lotion staining. The glue has wicked through the foam and comes through the vinyl in yellow spots. Dying the vinyl will more than likely not fix your problem as the glue or yellow will bleed through in time. The sun bleaches them away though. Most owners that have serious yellow spot issues end up replacing the skins.

Just my thoughts. Good luck

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When I picked up my boat used a couple of years ago, it looked good, but there was some obvious grime / dirt / whatever in the grain of the vinyl. Not like caked with dirt or anything, because if you sprayed it down and wiped with a towel, it wouldn't come up.

I even tried several of the vinyl cleaners suggested in the previous thread. They were all about the same -- nothing magical. Then I bought one of these:


and went to town, cushion by cushion, hosing the cushions down with cleaning solution and scrubbing till the solution would start to foam a bit. And THAT totally did the trick. I won't say that my interior looks like new, but it looks very very good.

On a tip from wakeworld I also tried some of this stuff, which costs $1 per bottle from the dollar store:


It can be diluted by a lot too so it's really more like a quarter a bottle. This stuff works just as well as the other deep cleaning remedies (Exquisite, for one). And honestly I suspect that's because it has nothing to do with what's actually in the bottle but rather the vigor with which you attack the vinyl with the brush. Still need to treat the vinyl after cleaning and I make no warranty about this stuff's safety for any purpose... just sharing what's worked for me.

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stopped by an interior shop today with the boat. he suggested something similar to what shawndoggy posted. he gave me a free bottle of cleaner and told me to use a brush with extremely hot water. i really hope that does the trick. as far as a boat wax i thought there was a really popular kind that people used and was also offered as a group purchase.

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Shawndoggy makes a good point. After 49 years of detailing my own cars, my experience is not so much that I need to use expensive products.

What works best is frequent cleaning. Keep it clean so the dirt doesn't get ground into the crevises.

Same thing is true with the fibreglass and the paint on my car.

If I keep them clean nobody can abrade my finish by rubbing up against it and grinding the abrasive dirt into my finish.

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