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Escape or Sunscape?


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Need some help here, very confused!

I am looking at a boat that says on the plate "Sunscape 23 LSV". They originally say it is a 2000. However, when I search on NADA, only the Escape was made in 2000, only the Sunscape in 2001. If the plate says is it Sunscape, is it more likely that it is a 2001? What is the difference anyway? Are the hulls the same, or would one have a better slalom wake?

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Click on "resources/diy" on the top of the homepage, then click on "malibu specifications," and look up the years

you are interested in.

It appears that you're right about the Escape/Sunscape discrepancy. But, they typically introduce the new models

mid-summer, so it could be that it is a 2001 model boat that was purchased in 2000.

They are both on the V25 diamond hull and both weigh in at 3400 lbs. I would expect comparable if not identical

wakes for skiing.

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I'm pretty sure that all of the escape lsv/ sunscape 23 lsv / and wakesetter lsvs prior to 2004 are on the same (diamond) hull. i.e. there wasn't a 23' wake hull prior to 04. I think. Big differences would be tower and ballast (which also all used a bag in the center locker if memory serves)

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Malibu had to change the name because there was another boat company using the Escape name. Same boat.

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Much thanks. Now that I'm clear on the boat, how good is the wake for slalom? I know it won't be like a DD, but comparing to that an a 21' Sea Ray I/O (fairly deep boat), would this wake be somewhere in the middle, closer to the I/O, or closer to the DD?

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Also, am comparing to a Centurion Concourse 23, which seems to have a deeper V in the hull. Obviously it will have a bigger wake, but will the Malibu also beat me to death in the slightest chop?

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Do you really need a 23 foot boat? If slalom is on the menu, the 21 footers (Sunsetter VLX 2000-2001 or Sunscape 2002-2004)

produced very nice slalom wakes. In fact, many feel that the 2002-2004 Sunscapes were the absolute best v-drives for slalom

ever made [until the VTX was introduced in 2007].

Having said that, I slalom skied (recreational) behind a 2001 Sunscape 23 LSV on several occasions, and it was clearly head-

and-shoulders above any I/O I'd ever skied behind (owned a 185 Sea Ray and a 220Si Chapparal). In fact, that very boat

was what convinced me to buy a Malibu in the first place.

When it comes to chop, it's a bit of a trade-off. My 2006 21 LSV will run just fine in heavy mid-afternoon chop, but its

definitely a rougher ride than my deep-V I/O Chapparal was. On the other hand, in smooth water, the Malibu is an absolute joy to drive: minimal and very brief bow rise on takeoff, quick acceleration, very responsive, and turns on a dime. Compared to my I/Os, it truly drives like a sports car.

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