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Exhaust Tip


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Is there any aftermarket places that sell things like the chrome exaust tips for my RLXi? What about aftermarket Malibu parts/accessories in general?


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do they make turndowns?  i'm still interested in retrofitting these.  has anyone done it successfully yet?

I asked my salesperson about this and he said you can do it, but it costs a lot more than paying for it when you order your boat. Enough where I didn't have it done.

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Eddie Marine is a great company too. I got the EMI Thunder headers from them that I put on the hot rod Sportster. Top line stuff and top line service.

What kind of result do you think Thunder headers would have on a 310 carb engine?

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I want the downturns solely for the exhaust fume dissipation

WOM I think


What other reason would be to want them? Certainly not for looks.

Perceived benefit - piece of mind, that you're doing all you can to reduce exhaust fumes (they don't go away... just down) Dontknow.gif

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Down turns = less noise behind the boat while surfing + I have never smelled exhaust. :)

My 04 LSV came without, and then when we did an engine swap we added the downturns and notice the above. Liked them enough to order them on my 05 LSV.

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Stewart -

I will give ya the reduced noise.. that makes sense to me (of course, I've never surfed behind your boat.. whatup w/ that..??)

As for the smell - I don't know that I've ever really smelled it behind my boat either (w/out any tips) of course, that might just be becuase I have one of the economy motors ;)

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The downturns are hard to find!

Custom Marine Inc. was the only source I could find for the downturns.

CMI Catalog Page 33, PN: 39135, $478.00

Places like CP Performance sell the straight and angle cut transom tips from Hardin Marine at less than 1/4 of the cost. The downturn is not worth the premium to me.

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With a price difference like that I wonder if I was comparing apples to oranges. I know that the CMI part says that the downturns are made of Stainless Steel and have a baffle. The Hardin marine part did not specify the material but also has a baffle. I can't imagine the Hardin part is made of plated steel.

The price disparity is probably just economy of scale. Hardin sells a lot of marine parts and equipment.

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