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What do you ride?


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I thought this may be fun to pass a little time in the winter. Plus, I still haven't bought wakeboards for my wife and I yet, so I'm still researching. And although it isn't a priority yet, I know I eventually want to try surfing.

So, regardless if you wakeboard, surf, or ski, what do you ride? What do you like or dislike about it? Oh, and don't forget to mention your bindings.

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I ride a Sky Ski Pro ST.

Stock everything except Cinch Max foot stays and I had a machinist make some aluminum binding hold-down plates.

I don't even remember the brand of wake board I ride because I hardly ride it.

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Wakeboarding: I ride a Hyperlight state. Can't tell you about performance except I think it is a decent beginner board so it works for me well. My abilities are limited.

Surfing: I ride a triple XXX slasher pro X. I can tell you it is a very fast probably intermediate board. I absolutely love it and I have tried at least 4 other surf board in as many years. I don't plan on changing this year, I have found "the one".

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Sky Ski. LE38 Cinchmax bindings....and wings that are either going to fly or kill me.

Sky Ski, 1st one Mike Murphy came out with....Hyper lite Wake Board, Liquid force Surf, an Old HO Slalom Ski , My Feet ( When I was Younger)..Colman Cooler...Long Story on that one....And A Twin air Mattress...Ok one year we were at Shasta Lake for 2 weeks and got board so we tried to ride anything that floats......
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Wakeboard: 2008 Hyperlite Murray 142 with CWB lever binding (I love the bindings....I think the board is a bit long for me)

Slalom: 2010 Radar Senate (69")

Barefoot: My feet

Surfing: CWB Ride and Inland Surfer Blue Lake

Kneeboard: Hydroslide Khaos

Tube - NEVER! LOL.gif

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I've been known to ride my feet, hands, back, front, face, head or whatever happens to be hitting the water at the time.

Mainly I try to ride my bare feet. Note emphasis in the word try.

I guess I need to edit my post to correct my barefoot equipment. I do a lot of the same. LOL.gif

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Wake - 04(?) Hyperlite Motive ( I forget what my bindings are...)

Surf - 10 Obrien Alias 4' 6"

Skate - 09 Hyperlite Scape

I havent riden the Surfboard or Skate yet. I am thinking about upgrading my wakeboard and keeping it as a boat board.

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Wakeboard - Hyperlite 136 with Spin bindings. It's old and feels heavy compared to new boards. Need an upgrade.

Barefoot - I prefer my feet, but spend quite a bit of time on my eyelids. I use a short line off of an ECI boom

Surf - Got a Hyperlite Broadcast 5.6 and 4.9 in the garage, and will be using them for the first time in April on spring break

Tube - HO flat 60" 2 person tube

Kneeboard - my buddy has one in his garage and said I could have it. No idea what it is. Haven't done that since I was in high school. No time like the present.

It's kind of interesting with the wakeboard, I'm leary on getting a new one, with all the injuries I've heard of. I may just switch to being barefoot and surf, and letting my boys steal the show with the wakeboarding.

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'08 CWB Transend with '06 CWB Fuse bindings early in the morning.

2010 LF S4 Fly with '09 Watson bindings when it gets choppy. Super light awesome board, will ruin any other board for you.

Our dealer is bringing me a pair of 2010 LF Soven bindings in march at the local boat show. The fuses will be available if anyone is interested. I love them, but they are too tight for my feet. I also have a 2006 LF Substance 138 with 2008 CWB Factions I would part with.

We surf a CWB Tsunami, a Byerly Hazard, and a CWB Blackjack. I'd like to try the triple X Slasher.

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all of those toys and no waterski behind that great ski boat........I ride a 68" connelly F1 behind my 94 Echelon LX

Ha! I know, it's a disgrace. But I've slalomed since I was 12, and have never been thru a course or had a course available. Just got bored with recreational skiing. If I had a course, and a goal, I'd be all over it.

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