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Remove carpet under seats???

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I have a 2007 Malibu 23 LSV and first time to own a boat with carpet. Has anyone removed their carpets under seats so they do not get mildew/mold?

My previous boat never had carpet so mold/mildew is new to me. I used to store a ton of wet stuff in my previous boat and never had mold/mildew. With my Malibu I stored only a few not so damp lifevests and I have mold on my lifevests,storage bag, and started getting white puffy mold on carpet. Not much on carpet and I could just rub it off. Its weird why I got mold on my non carpet stuff where on my other boat I never did. The carpet was not really damp when I put away.

Is there a spray to use to prevent and any moisture bags which work? Seems to be a pain to have to try to leave seat covers all open and then have the cover on. I supposed a good feedback to Malibu would be to have a quick setting on all seat covers to lift an inch to get airflow???

thanks for any feedback.

-Joe Mama

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I always hang the life jackets up and take all wet stuff out.Shop vac any excessive water out and leave all compartments open.A lttle extra work but ive never had mold or mildew in any of my boats and its only like an extra 10 minutes of work. :thumbup:

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The gentleman from Dallas, Oregon knows the drill as all of us Oregonians do. Here is a news flash: In July it rains in Oregon in places like; Dallas, Sherwood, Gresham, everywhere except Lake Billy Chinook :crazy: .

There is no substitute for NEVER leaving wet gear under the seats. It appears you can store your boat in a covered rental garage so I would suggest installing a closet rod right above your boat in the garage. Buy a bunch of the heavy duty plastic hangers ( 3 for a buck) and hang your wet suit, ski vests, wet towels from there. That way you never forget to have all of your gear on board.

For me and my elderly ski buddies the wetsuits and ski vests always get hung on a hanger when the day is done.

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finally a benefit of having a boat in the salt water............ u can never leave anything wet in the boat as it will stink instantly soooooo never had an issue with mould. Down side is if I put the boat away in the garage without letting it air out a bit it does smell like cat pee. I think as I have never had a cat but assume this is what it would small like


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I use a cheap box fan from Wally World and run an extension chord from the outdoor plug into the boat. I turn the fan on and pull the cover over the boat. Works well for me.

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