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Raw water intake valve.


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I noticed that my '05 RLxi has a shut-off valve on the water intake hose. I don't understand what good this would be other than a saftey measure for the numerous times I accidently slice through the raw water hose while on the water. Ideas?

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some of us have gone to the trouble to install one in our older boats that don't have a shut-off valve, others of us, like me, will do this off-season. Just let that raw water hose burst one time and see if your bilge pump can keep up. Also easier to change impeller or other possible emergency repairs.

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I added a valve when I added my raw water intake strainer. I wanted to be able to clean out the strainer while out on the water (our lake is having Eurasian Milfoil issues Cry.gif ) and the only way to do that would be with a shut-off.

Changing the impellor while out on the water (after sudden detonation) would be a lot easier, not to mention less stressful. If the tranny cooler got clogged you could burst a hose or even just pop an end off if your hose clamps aren't real tight.

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I'm still hoping Michael will ride his bike to Mississippi and do the shut-off valve and strainer project for me. I invision mine looking like that game Mousetrap by the time I finish.

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Yeah Hank, I figured there would be a few folks who would appreciate my reference to Tommy Boy.

Ozzy!!! The fake-a-lake is NOT for your flag bracket. Though I'd be willing to bet Doug could run one up a flag pole and make something cool happen. . .

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Is that's what that doohickey in front of my house is for?... every flag day and 4th of July I stand out side the house holding the flag all day!... Crazy.gif thanks for the info but why didn't you tell me before?... Ranting.gif

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If you're going to install the seacock yourself, I'd make it a 'T' fitting.

Something like:

Position 1- Regular - water is drawn from the lake

Position 2 - Off - no water coming in

Position 3 - Water drawn from the bilge instead of the lake

That way, if you were ever to hit something and pop a hole in your hull, you could go to position three and use the engine to suck water from the bilge (I bet you'd be surprised how much water an engine draws at 4K or so RPM)

Just an idea, I wonder if they make such a fitting...

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