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GenII Monsoon Fuel Pump Question


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Hey guys, I've been putting back together a 2002 monsoon fuel pump, old one was taken off the boat before I bought it, and I'm not sure if I have all the correct parts to put it back together.

This is the black style pump with three fittings on it. The feed to the fuel rails is there and obvious, threaded fitting. There is also what I think is the return line that is still there.

The question I have is about the bottom vertical fitting (not the angled one). Does this have a threaded fitting on it or a barbed fitting to hook the fuel supply line into?

Hopefully the pictures help out



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Mine has an adapter that goes there. It threads on the the fitting you highlight, with a barb for the fuel line at the other end. You are missing a piece.

I thought so. I think the pumps come like that and then you can reuse the fitting from the old pump, which of course I do not have.

Anyone have an idea on the specs of that fitting, looks like a straight thread with an o-ring going into the pump.



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Now that I think about it, I don't think there was an adapter involved when I replaced my pump, but I had to remove the fitting that came on the pump and reuse the barbed fitting.

If I am not mistaken, you need this. Then you remove the fitting that comes with the pump and install this one. Bot sure about the O-rring, I know I used PTFE tape.

I think if you call Skidim, they would set you right up. they would know the size fitting you need for that pump.

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I have plenty of those NPT to barb fittings buried in my toolbox somewhere, but this is definitely a straight thread with an o-ring on my pump.

I don't think you can use teflon tape with fuel systems anyway.

I was hoping to source this thing locally and avoid the lag time or crazy shipping charges to get this thing quickly, I want to get this motor up and running and put away properly before we get any snow.


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When I replaced mine - I ended up finding all the fittings at a hydraulic parts store.

I ended up in the same place, hydraulics supply store. Non of the local automotive stores had anything close to those.

If you call Ski Dim they can send you one, actually they will call Indmar and bill you $20 for the part and $20 for shipping. Or you can hit the local hydraulics store for under $5.

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