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Will it fit through garage door?

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This is one of those pesky questions from a newbie that has probably been talked about many times but I just couldn't find my answer.

I have been on the search for a '05 or '06 Wakesetter LSV and am wondering if it is going to fit in the garage, specifically through one of the doors. Here's my setup;

<script src='http://img109.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=garageu.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>garageu.jpg</noscript>

Depth; I have a tandem garage that goes back 40'.....no problem

Width; I think trailers are 100" fender-to-fender. 110" guide post width but they can be removed or folded......shouldn't be a problem

Height; I think I might have an issue here.

Let's assume the following;

* '05/'06 Wakesetter LSV

* Illusion tower

* Extreme trailer (unmodified)

I took a look a the height sticky but the specs aren't in there.

Thoughts on different trailers? How much might I gain by modifying(lowering) an Extreme (or other) trailer?

Also, will I have an issue if wakeboard racks are attached to the tower?

I suppose I could bug a potential seller of this model and go measure one even if I don't intend to purchase because of cost, options, etc. That doesn't seem right to me.

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If I remember right our '07 LSV on a DHM is 106" at the fenders and like 110" at the guides. I may be off tho.

The height with the Illusion X up is 9' 7" (I think).

Folded only saves you less than 18". I think its real close to 8'

Bottom line is that I think you you're SOL on fitting one thru that door.

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I thought max width was 102" (by law).......it would leave 2" on each side, yikes!! :crazy:

Folded only saves you less than 18". I think its real close to 8'

Bottom line is that I think you you're SOL on fitting one thru that door.

Darn, I thought they folded down more than that. :cry:

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You should fit, you can put a drop hitch on your towrig if you have to to lower the tongue of the trailer as low as possible. Worst case scenario you can take the ball of the top of the tower each time, that will net you almost 2" in height.

Something else to think about. If you don't have swing racks you will not fit it in there, the racks will hit.

You are right, don't use someone's boat for measurements if you have no intentions of buying it. That's just plain mean.

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I know on first read this might sound crazy, but have you thought about/looked into the cost of pulling those double doors out, reframing the opening and putting one garage door in there? I realize it'd cost some money, but with a 40' long garage you would end up with a far more functional garage if you had a much larger door...

Just a thought...

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