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Just Bought a 2002 Sunsetter for $1800!!


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So I'm cruising craigslist and find a sweet deal on an 02 Sunsetter and picked it up this morning for only $1800. Needs a real good cleaning and a fuel pump for sure.

Showed up at 9 AM with 18 hundred dollar bills and its mine!

check out the pics!






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well at least it had the duct tape on there for the water test... you can always do the glass repair as a winter project.

The duct tape was actually to keep pieces of the hull from ending up all over the highway, and would be about as good as my glass work anyway.

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Ouch. That last pic hurts to look at! So what's the plan? I see a lot of fiberglass in your future!

The plan is I'm going to pick up a set of new blades for my reciprocating saw...I don't think the hull is salvageable. If it is, I'm not the guy who can fix it.

As for what happened, two boats collided, and this one lost. But the boat did not sink which is the good news. I actually know exactly where the boat came from.

Ruffdog is right on money is in the parts...trailer, engine, maybe a EFI conversion kit for a 310 carb, wedge, platform, gauges, MDC, interior pieces, and the real winner may be the windshield, those are worth some serious coin because taylor made charges stoopid money for them now. Running gear is also 100%. I think you'll see a detailed list in the parts for sale in the next few weeks, anyone want anything shoot me a PM.

Hey I could even cut off the reverse chines of the diamond hull and sell it as a conversion kit! :crazy:

Some more pics of the carnage here

My link


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Wow, I wondered why such a great price..... then I saw why. That hurts to look at.

Should be a good project though. Even if you had to pay someone else to repair it, you have a lot of room to make it happen before you go overboard.

Had a buddy in Seattle who picked up a 1993 PS190 with a similar problem. I guess the guy was broadsided by a jetski. My buddy picked it up for a song, figured he could make the repair & be money ahead on a great slalom boat. In the end the repaired side of the boat ended up quite a bit heavier than the good side. He ended up weighting the boat a bit to level it off, installing a tower on it & using it at a wakeboard boat. I imagine a similar outcome is in that boat's future too.

So do you think you will repair it or part it out?

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Martin: It has that old PP cruise module and control panel, but no servo. PP does not make any parts for that old cruise system anymore. Last time I had to upgrade one PP gave me a deal it was in the $400 range for a new master module and display.

Bill: I'm going to part it out

MalibuNation: boat did not fire up, someone nabbed the fuel pump off it, a can of black spraypaint and some degreaser that engine will look alot better than it does now.

Panic : UPS and Fedex are wonderful things, PM me.

Stroker: I'll cut it up with the saw and then into a dumpster, I think a wood chipper would make you itch for a week.

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