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Monsoon acting up, left me stranded

malibu bret

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OK, I have a 2003 Response LXI with the Monsoon. I have never had any troubles with it... until this Labor Day.

Labor Day weekend, the boat starts acting up... "bogging" down under a load or with excessive throttle. I thought it was the fuel filter so I replaced the fuel filter this weekend and added a bottle of Sea foam and two bottles of Sta-bil. Took the boat out on Sunday (with wife and 10 month old) and it drove fine for around 45 min or so then started to bog down, no throttle response and backfiring if I gave it throttle. As I was heading for shore it sputtered and died.

Did I get some bad gas? is there another fuel filter I am missing? Could it be ignition?


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You need to hook up a fuel pressure gauge and duplicate the problem. I bet its a fuel delivery issue by the way you describe it but you need to figure out what its doing to find out the next step. Could be bad fuel pump, bad anti-siphon valve, bad regulator, clogged injectors, etc etc.

Your boat only has one fuel filter WIX 33299


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Delayed onset of the problem could indicate a bad coil. That's what happened to my buddy's Centurion this summer. He swore up and down that he got some bad gas and changed fuel filters multiple times, ran SeaFoam, had his injectors pulled and cleaned,... He eventually went out on the water with a mechanic onboard and once it started acting up the mechanic started checking stuff. He put his hand on the coil only to find it scolding hot. He changed the coil and the problem was gone for good. Fuel filter is the most common culprit, and easiest item to change, but it's not always even in the fuel delivery system.

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Did you mean this last labor day or in '09?

Labor Day 2010.

Yes, I know labor day was in Sept. Its pretty sad how much I haven't been able to get out on the boat, but the new baby keeps me pretty busy.


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I appreciate everyone's input I think I'll start with the fuel pump and work from there. I knew the Crew would come through for me.


I had the same issue with my old boat, From reading here there is another screen on the inlet to the fuel pump. I removed the hose to the inlet and looked at that screen with a mirror and it was all clogged up. Remove the inlet hose to the fuel filter and you will likely find your problem.

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The fuel pressure gauge should be the first thing you try, I had this same problem with my Bu and wish I would've tried that first. Listen to your pump while it's running, if its making a pretty loud whining noise it's probably bad.

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