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Can somebody give me feedback on a Ronix One board


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I've got the 2010 model with Ronix One boots on it. Absolutely love it. I've been riding many of Danny's designs starting with the Premier shape when he was with Hyperlite. I really like the latest board. It's not super loose, super fast, or super poppy, but for me at least, it's a very well balanced board that does what I want it to do when I want it to do it. It's predictable on takeoffs and very forgiving on landings. I used to ride the 138, which I can get away with since I am only 5'8" and 165lbs, but since I am riding big wakes most of the time I really like having a bigger board that rides up the transition smoother and has a little more surface area.

In my opinion it's one of the best shapes out there right now. I've let many of my intermediate level friends ride it and they all love it too, but I think the advanced/pro rider will appreciate it the most.

Let me know if you have any specific questions (or if you want to buy a slightly used one!)

Good luck-

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I love mine. I ride with the District boots and love my setup. I am still a beginner but it has been a great board that has allowed me to go from not riding at all to doing surface spins, wake 2 wake and riding switch with ease. And that's after only 8-10 sessions out. It is also a really light board compared to other boards my friends have.

I will say that I did break one on a hard fall but Ronix took care of it and had me a new one in 24 hours.

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I have the Ronix one dh 142..... like the board tons of pop though I will say not as predictable as I would like on take off, think it has more rocker than the regular ronix one. Would also like more speed out of it. Was thinking of trying out the Ronix viva, sounds like something that would suit me. I like to tons of predictable popand have lots of speed at will.

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I just bought a 2011 One ATR and One boots.....Its my second board but Im only still a beginner and am definitely not using it to its full potential. I took the boots in to the dealer before I took them out on the water to get them heat moulded and after they were hot I went to put them on and one of the things that holds the laces in just snapped off....the dealer gave me a new pair on the spot and said it was because of the heat, But I thought they were made to be heated up?

Anyway I just dont pull them that tight anymore...

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Great board! I intend on buying the 2011 One this Spring with the One binding although I'm still not sure if I'll go for the ATR board and limited boots or the regular package. I have always ridden Hyperlite...specifically Murray designs but had the chance to ride Danny's personal board with him the past summer and loved it. It is a fairly agressive 3 stage with tons of pop but not super sticky on the landing or flat water which I liked. I also really like the color combos with The One packages for 2011!

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