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Anyone have a 247 with a Titan or other tower?


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I am looking at moving to a 247. The main thing that holds me back is the tower. I have never been a fan of the Illusion. At 6'9" it is beyond worrying about hitting my noggin, it is the stooping that I can't handle. The second issue is the music. I like music when riding and the Illusion tower correctly equipped will blast out the occupants of the boat.

So I need a non forward-arching taller tower. The Titan would fit the bill, and so would other aftermarket towers, like the Samson Razor or Switchblade. But I have never seen one on a 247. I am looking at used boats because my budget is less than 90k that a new 247 is quoted at.

I have 3 questions:

1. Anyone got any pics of anything but an Illusion on the 247?

2. Anyone know how much a removed 247 Illusion tower would be worth?

3. Anything unusual about unbolting one, glassing the holes, drilling new ones, reinforcing if needed and putting the new tower on? There has to be a thread on this one, but I was unable to find it.

Thanks in advance!

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Not sure what a removed tower would be worth, you'd have to find someone with a boat with the same measurements as the 247 to buy one off of you.

Filling the holes is easy, and if you go to put a titan or equivalent on there no worries as the mounts are not in the same area.

Maybe you can search for a Sunscape 247 to find a boat that does not already have a tower, but you'll be compromising with the diamond hull.


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My honest suggestion is to buy Stewart's '06 247 (it's in the classifieds on this site...) (you say Southwest, he's in the San Fran area...Worth a drive! ) and find a T-2. T-1 would be easier to get AND with the straight rear hoop, accessories work a little better. Have a custom Bimini made to go over the top and you are GOLDEN!

<commentary> I really like my T-2 but the factory bimini is a pita to put up and down because of the curved rear hoop and the "special" bimini legs they made.... A T-2 with a custom bimini would be IDEAL, but my hindsight is your forethought...

You are NOT going to get a T-3 unless you find a boat with one on it. (Same MAY go for a T-2...BICBW)

T-1 SHOULD be available through Titan, or whatever they are called this week.... :whistle:

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This is sort of off topic here...but the malibuboats website does not list the hammerhead as an option anymore. Is that no longer an option?

Nope stopped offering that in 2010, went to the LS3 as a replacement for 2010 and stopped offering that in 2011 and went to the L96 410 hp motor. Do be afraid of the HH, good motor.

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Nope stopped offering that in 2010, went to the LS3 as a replacement for 2010 and stopped offering that in 2011 and went to the L96 410 hp motor. Do be afraid of the HH, good motor.

I think you mean, DON'T be afraid, right? :yes:

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