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V-drive Drain Plugs

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I have the Walter's Vdive and can not get the two drain plugs to budge to winterize. I have pulled about as hard as possible with no luck and I'm hesitant to continue because the plugs are rounding off slightly. Any suggestions? If I can not get them out, can I pour some antifreeze through the in/out and reach the water in there to at least try and dilute the water? Or is not physically possible to get the antifreeze in that way. Thanks for the help.

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Soak with PB Blaster.

If you can get the hoses off, the shop vac idea might be good especially if you can blow it out with some compressed air too. Then if ya gotta, pouring some antifreeze in there ought to do the trick.

If you do finally get those plugs out......use some teflon tape or dope before replacing them.

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I just pull the outlet hose off and put it in the bottom of the boat. I think there is only one square drain plug that should say water on it if you could see it. It is at the top of the unit facing the rear of the boat on the drivers side. I have not been able to get mine off for years. Tried everything and eventually gave up. No problems so far...........The two square drain plugs on the bottom of the unit are for oil.

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This is my first self-winterization but i would venture to say the dealer has never removed these plugs for as stuck as they are. I'll spray some blaster, give it another whirl, and if that doesn't work, try to get as much water sucked out and as much antifreeze in as possible. I keep in a heated unit anyways so barring any week long power outage, i should be OK. Thanks for the reassurance.

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Good luck getting that plug out. I worked on mine for an hour. It is so close to the housing that it is hard to get a good grip on it with anything large enough to get leverage. If you are storing this in a heated unit anyway I think you win the prize for being the most cautious winterizer. Week long power outages? What country do you live in? When my dealer used to do my boat he never even put antifreeze in and it gets to 25 below here for a few weeks every winter. The people on this site obviously care deeply about their investments but sometimes I think it is a competition to see who can be more anal. In the end do whatever helps you sleep well through the long winter.

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I agree, probably a little overkill but the storage unit is an hour away and is used by an electrical company. So all it would really take is someone leaving the door open for it to drop below freezing. $25.00 in antifreeze is well worth the anti-corrosion and peace of mind.

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