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Engine Choice???


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Hey Guys: I am ready to purchase a 2006 - 2008 Wakesetter 23 LSV and I was looking for input from boat owners. I am trying to decide between the Hammer Head 383 or the stock Monsoon. Does the extra horse power out weigh the extra fuel consumption. Is it really necessary to buy a big block. What are the downfalls of the big block vs the monsoon. Thanks


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It's more about the prop than the engine. I had two 23's with the HH. My current 23 has the Monsoon. I used the same Acme 1235 on each boat. If you roll with factory ballast and wedge, the Monsoon is all you need. If you slam the boat with lots of additional weight, you could make a case for more HP.

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I have the Monsoon with an Acme 1235. Works great for me. I run with stock tanks full and as much as 1500# additional ballast. The local Malibu dealer in Atlanta steered me away from the HH. Others seem to love it though.

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I ride with 4 guys who have the 23' LSV.... 3 with the HH & one with the Monsoon. All 3 of the HHs use oil, like a qt every tank. The Monsoon, and my own 21' boat with a Monsoon, has plenty of power, even with full ballast & a ton of people on board. The Monsoon has been in production for years now, because it's a good engine.

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i would go 8.1 there really inset a difference in fuel consumption unless your are running wide open, a particular boat is going to take a set amount of power to move it through the water and all IC engines are about the same efficiency about 30% so you only use the amount of power that the boat requires to move it through the water. Some could argue that the more power you have the faster you can get on plane so the less fuel used. also the efficiency of an engine changes with rpm the pumping loses go down as the throttle plate is opened more, but go up with rpm cause there is less time that the valves are open, also at higher rpm there is less time for the fuel to combust and get all the power out of it. when you prop the boat all you do is make the engine run at higher rpm where the boat has more power. and torque, and torque is really what you need alot of and the 8.1 has all the torque you need also it is a all cast iron truck motor ment to take the abuse the hammerhead is a stroked 350 and cant take the abuse and that is why they burn oil. the only boats i looked at when i was buying a boat were the ones that had an 8.1 as an option and now there are no 2011 boats i would buy since the 8.1 is gone from the engine choices.

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Since you're looking at used boats and their conditions vary widely I'd look more at condition/hours/price than finding one with one motor or another as you can always reprop.

I know the 8.1 is more difficult to service due to lack of space around the engine if you do alot of DIY stuff.


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I have the 8.1 in my 247 and I have aligned the prop shaft and other minor work since I just bought it and I see no problem working abound the motor there is plenty of room and the 23 should have just as much room around the engine as my 247


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