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I just received my Bare drysuit and need to know if its OK to trim the neck to lossen it up a little bit. In its current state I will pass out in minutes from lack of blood to my brain. I have enough damage up there and don't need any more.


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They are supposed to be tight so that no water gets in obviously, but maybe it will loosen up over time? I would be leary about cutting it. If its the right size then it should fit fine. It might just be something that you need to get used to. Just like new bindings, they are stiff and hurt at first but after a few times out they are great.

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Baggy suits will have rubber seals that can be trimmed to size, the hybrid suits will the the neoprene seals. The rubber seals are the only ones that I've had.

the bare doesn't have a true seal around the neck, does it?  mine is neoprene and it has loosened up a little over time.

Its the same rubber thats on the wrists and ankles.

must be a different model or they changed the setup...

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As an alternative, I've heard of putting a 2 liter bottle in the neck seal whenever you aren't using it to loosen it up. I'd hate to create a rip in the latex from not trimming it perfectly - one mistake and 75 bucks out the window!

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They are designed so that yo ucan trim them (if you are CAREFUL)

That said I wouldn't want to trim mine even though it was very tight at first. It loosens up a bit and you can make it more comfortable by makign sure the seal is not bunching up and putting additional pressure on a particular spot.

I find when you first put them on the neck feels very constricted but after a while you get used to it.

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I've got the O'Neil Boost, so a different suit - and mine does have the neoprene neck.

BUT - I remember my first experience putting the suit on, I too thought I was going to choke. But once I said hit it, my mind focused on other things and I didn't remember the 'choking' until I was back in the boat. Even today, the neck is what bothers me the most, but I know I'll forget about it once I'm up.

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This is the response I got from the place I bought it


You can do a couple of things. I would first try taking a large soda bottle or bleach bottle and put the neck seal on that for stretching purposes. Try to do it for 15 - 20 min sessions and see if that helps. If it is not enough, I would suggest trying to trim it down. There are parallel lines on the neck seal that you can use as guides. I would trim very little at a time as it does not take much too change the fit. Trim too much and you will leak.

Let me know if that helps.

So M3Fan was right on. Thanks for the help.

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My Gladiator neoprene neck seal was a choke hold as well. Used to leave the filter basket from the iced-tea maker in there, then a 2 liter bottle. Didn't use seal-saver and probably should have--neck seal had one split gradually, then a few of them. Only problem I ever had with the suit.

On to a baggy style, so I can wear a BF suit underneath. Ordering an USIA from Smooth Water Sports in the spring.

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