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price points on used boats ??


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I am shopping for a used mailbu and not in a horrible hurry, but am getting interested in what price ranges exist in used malibu boats. I see clumps of older malibu boats in the 8-9 thousand dollar range then they typically seem to be 13500 to 16000 dollars for around a 1998 -2000 boat. My neighbor got a euro f3 for ten with about 400 hours on it. That boat has very good interior with a base 275 hp engine and required some hull cleaning and waxing and a new rudder-box. After three years of owning it my neighbor had problems that I helped out to diagnose. I found a bad exhaust manifold and replaced it with my neighbor and we did new head and intake gaskets. I would love to find the same deal on the same boat, or maybe spend around 15 k on any open bow malibu 20 - 23 feet with one of the larger monsoon engines . I don't need a tower or great stereo or perfect pass. Have any of you noticed price points that seem common on malibu boats ????

Is there a year that you want to stay away from ??? or any boat after 98 or whatever has the better floor support with glassed in parts that won't get soft ??? or something that I should be aware of ??? thanks Scott

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Looks like you're moving from a pontoon to a Malibu. That means any year and any model will be a major upgrade. :rofl:

What is it you want to do...ski, wakeboard, barefoot, tube? You mentioned open bow so I assume that means more than just a few people in to boat so you need the room.

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Direct Drive Sunsetter 1998 and later will give you the best bang for your buck. If you can find an LXI model with a trunk that is even better.

The v-drive boats are more expensive to buy. They generally have more expenses related because their purpose is for wakeboarding which requires a tower. Which requires a garage with higher opening. The tower guys then get carried away with a few thousand dollars of stereo equipment. Frankly, quiet on the water is nicer.

A Sunsetter can cruise 8 people on board seated. The rear swim platform will be a nice feature for mounting your ski and the gals will sit on the platform on the hottest day when you are just floatin'.

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I bought a 1999 Sunsetter LXi last summer in the Sacramento area (drove from Boise, Idaho to get it). It had 174 hours on it and was in virtually showroom condition. I paid $14.5K.




We have put about 80 trouble-free hours on it so far. It is a great all-around boat; we water ski, barefoot, and wake surf with it. The water skiing wake is fantastic and the wake surfing wake (with 4 adults in the boat and 1600 lbs. in two FatSacs) is actually pretty good -- not as good as my friend's Wakesetter but lots of fun nonetheless. And yes, at the end of the day when everyone is worn out from skiing, we pull the kids in a tube. Storage is excellent with the LXi (it has the rear storage area) and the handling is sportscar-like, typical of direct drive boats. The interior is roomy for a direct drive; the boat is rated for 10 people and we usually have 4 adults and four kids.

As Ndawg12 says, you can find a lot of help on this site. Good luck.

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Scott -

I have my 1990 Malibu Sunsetter Euro F3 up for sale. Here are links to the ads on Craigslist (Stockton, CA area) and Only Inboards. Additional photos are avialable at the Picasa Web Album link. My current asking price is $10,900. I have had quite a few inquiries about the boat. Some folks have indicated strong interest offering something in the $9,000 range. I have been hoping to get an offer closer to $10,000. I would gladly take $9,500 from the right buyer that would give it a good home. I know the "good home" stuff sounds crazy, but this has been a great boat for us over the past 14 years. It's condition and upkeep is top notch. I would truly like to see someone buy it that will continue to take care of it the way I have.

Send me an e-mail if you want to communicate directly. [email protected]

Thanks, Mike



P.S. If the links do not take you to the referenced websites, then copy and paste the http addresses direclty into your browser.

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I love ski boats and always have. I don't plan on a lot of ski use, but tubes and swimming duty along with general boat riding. My neighbor purchased around a 92 euro F3 a few years ago and I have been driving it for a bunch of wakeboarding and have serviced it and done general maint and repairs. Frankly the more you look under and around the boat the more impressive it is. I am a big guy and the lower swim platform will make it a lot easier to get back in the boat. An I/O v8 family boat has a swim platform that is maybe 18 to 24 inches out of the water and a tiny ladder that I don't think will hold up to me. I know ski boats back up crappy and drive slowly poorly and have learned to deal with those issues. So that is my deal, I am starting to shop for a family malibu. It does not need a tower or fat sacs or awesome stereo, just as long as it has a healthy v-8 sound and is new enough to be completely glassed in. So I am learning the lineup and figuring out what I need and what I don't need to pay for. I plan on buying a boat slowly and carefully and keeping it quite a while. My neighbor got his malibu with 500 or so hours and perfect hull and carpet and interior with no tears or rips. I am looking for a similar deal, and am leaning about different hull shapes and v-drive vs direct drive etc. There is a lot to learn before I make a decision, but I appreciate the help here. Scott

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