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Now That's a Wave

Stanley Wheelhouse

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Assuming that's a full grown/normal sized person, that's HUGE Wake! I've seen pics of your boat and know there's a lot of customization.

What's the total weight? (Ballast,sacks, wedge)

What speed are you going?

How's it look on the driver's side!?

- I ride regular too, but it's always much nicer for the "goofy" riders.

That's a great pic!

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Here is the Configuration of the Wheelhouse Malibu 247 Wake Surf Edition

Team Rider Ganjea is 5'8-5'9

Speed Is 10.8 MPH-11.4. In the picture 10.8. Though in Blue Thunder (08 247 and My Brother J's Boat I WAS at and he IS at 12.6-13.6MPH) Think it is computers and nothing more.

The Ballast;

247 Surf Sac - Custom Made From Fly High to hold approximately 1500-1600 pounds. I have never measured. The sac fills the entire port rear locker. I had to remove the Glove/Rope holder on the inside of hatch doors. The sac has an arm that fills the entire area under the flip up seat in front of the port side locker.

We have a Fly High 370LB Tube Sac Under the flip up seat/observers seat. (sac gets 300LBs max due to size)

I fill Factory Front Center and Port

Big Jay on this forum did a complete 4 Jabsco Reversible Pump Automated Ballast System on this boat. Its like having a boat full of worker ants do all of the work for you. All Sacs drain and fill at the push of a button. Even the 400 on the seat. Big Jay also Re-Enforced the engine compartment Service Panels with 1 Inch Square Steel tubing both on the actual service panel and on the inside of the track on the floor the service panel fits in. The service panels are rigid and solid.

Here comes the good part. The Power Wedge is at the top of the White Arc on the Wedge Gauge. In other words top of the operating safe operating range on the gauge. This makes the wave very tall very powerful and very long. My old boat could not get to speed with the wedge this position. Thanks Corvette! It does just fine now at 3200-3300 RPM and a 14.25 ACME Prop.

In this picture there were three people on the boat. We did have a four hundred pound sac on the port side seat. I am going to replace that sac with around three hundred pounds of lead weight disk I bought from academy. The weights will stay in the boat. I will leave the weights in the boat under the sacs. We did an experiment and found the three hundred pounds of weight did not change the ride of the boat. One of the nice things about the 2010 model is there is no carpet under the seats. No carpet is GOOD!

I was not taking the pictures but driving the boat. Therefore I do not have a pic of the boat and wave together. When sitting idle in the water the rub rail is 2-4 inches from the water in the rear of the boat. Any lower and you start dragging the rub rail and dirtying the wave.

For the Goofy FU)[email protected]$%%#%@#$^#%&%$

We put a fly high 1100 pound sac in the starboard locker. 1100 Fills the locker as good as my custom sac and I would recommend that sac for both sides of your boat.

Factory Front Center and Starboard

Same position on the wedge as the regular side

All pax on goofy side

10.8-11.6 MPH

The prop turn favors the goofy wave and therefore less weight is required and the wave is AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER.

The Goofy sac is of course automated.

Edited by Stanley Wheelhouse
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