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No replacement exhaust flaps / covers for inside stainless exhaust tips?

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I am unable to locate replacement inside-the-pipe exhaust flaps / covers for my 2004 Malibu Response Lxi w/Monsoon 340 w/stainless straight exhaust tips. The flaps appear to be circular but are fastened inside the pipes with a straight metal pin. The flaps are sorta hinged on this pin to allow exhaust out but prevent water from coming in while engine is not running. The current pair on there are basically half worn off and need to be replaced--a ski bud noticed it while wiping down the boat last weekend.

I have searched many websites with boat supplies and all I can find are the kind that attach to the end of the exhaust pipes. AFAIK these will not work for my setup unless I hacksaw off the stainless pipes LOL.

Nice how an aesthetic and extra feature / option for the boat (that I did not order) now turn out to be a real pain :(

I've contacted my Malibu Dealer and so far they are finding that I might have to replace the whole exhaust pipe tip with the flap at $179 per tip. That is ridiculous. If I have to do that, I will eliminate the fancy stainless tips if possible. Hopefully they contact Malibu directly and are given a better answer.

Does anyone have any clues about this?

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Thanks, I did find this too when I searched. It probably requires welding to fasten it in there but it might be an option if I cannot just replace the flaps. somehow.

The kind that is factory installed appears to be completely rubber and looks as though it sorta folds in half around the retainer pin to allow exhaust out. Then when motor is shutoff the flap tends to wanna flatten out, forcing each half against the inside of the exhaust pipe. Here is a my attempt to render it(not sure this will come out in the post):

_ | _

/ \|/ \

| | |

| | |



It looks as though it just snaps in and out but I will have to spend some time this weekend and attempt to remove them and see. Maybe I can just fabricate something out of the more standard flap type? I'll find out.

I have put in an email request to two dealerships/service centers, Lake Delhi Marina and RV Center in Iowa and Munson Ski and Marine in Illinois. After a phone call to Lake Delhi yesterday (where I bought the boat) they are supposedly hunting for them. I'm gonna call Munson Ski this morning and see what they say. Seems strange to me that there aren't just replacement parts for this from Malibu directly through our boat dealer/service center--I'm quite disappointed about this. I am going to try and contact Malibu myself but I think I may have to wait and see if they call me back :( --this is the only contact method I can find:


The search goes on...

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A ski bud of mine located replacement flappers for my exhaust pipes. The key word to search on that I missed was boat "butterfly" exhaust flaps. I haven't ordered and replaced them yet but I will soon. I thought I'd post some links here for anyone else looking for these replacement parts:

Hardin Marine


3" flapper - http://www.hardin-marine.com/p-12574-3quot-internal-butterfly-style-rubber-replacement-exhaust-flapper.aspx

All flappers - http://www.hardin-marine.com/c-1333-replacement-flappers.aspx

CP Performance Marine Mail Order Superstore


3" flapper - http://www.cpperformance.com/p-12574-3quot-internal-butterfly-style-rubber-replacement-exhaust-flapper.aspx

All flappers - http://www.cpperformance.com/c-469-replacement-flappers.aspx

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Yep they do but not the kind that are needed for this application. I had checked there too. These are specific butterfly type for straight stainless exhaust tips. You cannot use the kind that go on the end of the pipe because of the angle on the tip of the pipe. These are actually located on the hose clamp side inside the pipe. Malibu does not provide replacement flaps for these anymore.

I'm sure actually changing them out will be the next interesting part though. More on that soon...

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