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It was a good year

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Well I have to say that for a lot of years I never thought that I could Slalom ski. Spent a lot of time driving and enjoying that aspect of the sport. Bought a Ski Sky and did that a number of times in the summer. Well last year at the age of 44 I thought I would try the sport. Now you have to imagine me at 6'5" 230#. Yes that is why I thought having never tried the sport that it would be to difficult. I have to say that once up I actually picked the sport up rather quick for a Big man. We ski on the Rock River in Wisconsin. Wow the skiing on the river is out of this world. On a rough day it is still really skiable. Anyway I would have to say that we would ski at least a couple times a week. Right now I would say I am addicted to the sport. Last year I took a fall over the front which I hope never to do again and broke a couple of ribs. You only have to do that once before you figure out that a fall over the front is the wrong way. I hope to ski the Badger State games when I turn 50. I guess life is about experiences and you never know what you can do unless you take a chance. My girls are really good at the sport so we will take their friends out and teach them. I think that is also a very fun thing to do to give the kids an opportunity to do things that I never had. Most important is that fact that I have my first Malibu, a RLxi 04. The wake is out of this world to ski on. I have skied behind other boats and nothing compares.

Oh well enough of my rambling I hope everybody enjoys there Holiday weekend.

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I'm also a 6'5" 230# (well about 245# actually) Rock River skier. Though I'm in Illinois...thanks for that flood water a few weeks ago by the way. :( I am somewhat spoiled and spend most of my slalom time on a private lake with a slalom course, but we hit the river quite a bit in spring and during the fall, and for the early morning barefoot runs.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the sport so much, and it should only get better with age. I'm only 35, but my main ski buddies are ages 44, 55, 66, 70, and 74. They are retired, and I have days off during the week, so it works out perfect.

I think it's time for you to begin your barefoot and trick skiing career...if you haven't already!!!!


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Hey, familiar story... I stumbled into boating and slalom skiing at about the same age as Twiggy and was amazed to find I absolutely love it! Looking forward to Summer here in Australia and hitting the Murray River again. Last season I sold my lovely Gilflite Shortline 190 and picked up a 2005 LXi - this boat's a beautiful place to be in when out on the water!

Still lovin' it at 56 and one of my regular crew is somewhere near 70 and still having a go! Another is mid 60's and loves his bare footing (frontwards, backwards, then slalom - can't keep him out of the water!) and another is a lady about my age who still gets such a buzz from it. We're always first boat out in the morning and try to be last in the evening. It's just a wonderful passtime and a sensational family activity. The Response LXi has made it that much nicer...

Go, Twiggy!

Regards, Stephen.

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Glad that you are seeing the light. I'm 54 240 lbs and both ski and board ... though I'm moving more towards the dark side.

Would like to try foiling ... but do I need another expensive toy :biggrin:

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Glad that you are seeing the light. I'm 54 240 lbs and both ski and board ... though I'm moving more towards the dark side.

Would like to try foiling ... but do I need another expensive toy :biggrin:

"though I'm moving more towards the dark side." :sw3::tease1::fingerwag:

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That's a great story, thanks for sharing with us, and it's not over for us. We have about another 3 months to go :thumbup:

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If you are not skiing the course yet, don't give it a try. That is, if you don't want to increase your addiction! The course takes slalom to a whole new dimension. If you can manage it sometime, I would suggest going to take some lessons at a reputable ski school. It can be quite fun and worth the effort. Like another poster mentioned, trick skiing is another great sport and a nice alternative to slalom when the conditions don't allow slalom.

No matter what you do with slalom, keep it up and enjoy your time on the water!

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Good thread - I'm 42 around 210 - started the slalom around 35 or thereabouts - I'm 42 now and do just about everything - slalom, board, surf, skate - haven't tried the foil yet but leaving something for the "golden years"

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