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Added Mufflers to 01 Response


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Hi guys,

Thank for you help with the ideas before, we are now beginning to implement some of them into our boat. First was a pair of mufflers, we found a set of inline ones

used at a dealer nearby and figured we would give it a shot. I will have some pictures up when I can get back to the boat, but wanted to post my review straight away.

Install: Holy H was it simple! Pops and I started at the hoses pondering a proper process for what must have been 2-3 hours, in the end what we ended up doing was

removing the brace board under the rear seat/gas tank. Marking of equal distances on either hose so the mufflers would line up and look as factory as we could make them,

then with a combination of utility knife for the top, and long bladed folding knife for the bottom (both straight edged) we had the sections cut out pretty neatly within

about 30 minutes. We did take a lot of extra time to make sure we didn't get the blades anywhere near the existing gas lines, or going into the fiberglass.

We didn't give ourselves much wiggle room for gap, and the hoses run right up to where the muffler expands on each side, so it was kind of tight to fit them in, but with a couple flat screw drivers to help push the hose open they slid in the second end without too much trouble at all, this and tightening the hose clamps took right around

5 minutes.

Done! Was way easier to get done than either of us figured. Working with that heavy tubing we though we may have to pull the exhaust off the engine to get the room to get the mufflers in place, but it worked out quite well without having to go that far.

Performance: Well this is going to be pretty objective as I don't have a spl/db measuring device and the local car audio shop wouldn't let me borrow theirs for a half hour, but they certainly did help a good deal. Overall it is much easier to communicate between the driver and passenger, passenger and rear seated passengers, and we can also hear the radio in the front without having it cranked out full blast while driving. The radio in the back is still overwhelmed with water and air noise while running, not much can be done there though.

One of the biggest things it did was took away the loud roar on takeoff, or at cruising for the kids speed around 15 mph. Overall we now hear more of the engine than the exhaust as the driver and front passenger. We also immediately noticed a difference from our riders when my 6 year old niece who is usually to scared to get up to

normal cruising speeds at tow always wanted to go faster. When I hopped behind I noticed that it was much quieter for the rider, and without the roar at the lower speed, I would guess that she didn't think she was going as fast as she was. So less scare factor for the younger riders, that is a big plus. While driving away my pops said that it had a much more smooth sound an none of the roar from zero throttle all the way to nearly full across the lake away from him.

I wouldn't say that the average db's dropped a whole lot, but enough to make a solid difference, and reducing that roar zone made the install more than worth it.


After installing these we happened across some baffle inserts that drop in before the mufflers that are supposed to give a 20%+ noise reduction without sacrificing power, so we may try these out as well as they weren't terrible expensive(80 for a pair if I remember correctly). I think though that most of the noise left is wind and water from not having the super deep hull, so we probably wont invest too much more into the exhaust other than maybe tips mostly for looks and a little more rider comfort.

Really our only afterthought into the mufflers is that we could have gotten brand new ones from an different manufacturer for slightly more, but we didn't happen upon those until a couple days after the install, so no hard feelings about that, I doesn't look like there is much to wear out in these molded mufflers from what I could see so I'm not too worried about it.

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There is nothing better than moving through water with no noise. That is the great thing about sailing.

Noise reduction in your boat will be the best modification you can do.

I applaude your willingness to share.

Anyone who has skied behind one of these single muffler Nautiques with the quiet package after skiing behind a Centurion will appreciate the difference. Centurion goes for more of a throaty sound , Mastercraft and Malibu in the middle, and new Nautique is the most quiet.

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Great job, post up a video when you can :thumbup:

Once again I called our boat a Response lol. Its an 01 Sportster LX, one of these days I will get it right the first time. :D

We didn't do any video, but I will take a bunch of pictures to post later on today yet!

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