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Let's play can you believe my luck - lucky vs unlucky

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Let's play LUCKY vs. UNLUCKY. I blew a trailer tire today. Unlucky, especially since I have a single axle trailer.

Total tread separation - it just split in half. Unlucky.

Tire is about $110. Unlucky.

It happened at the top of my driveway as I was backing the boat in for the night. That trumps all unlucky, and makes me LUCKY. My son watched it happened as he was guiding me next to the garage, and rolled the floor jack out of the garage under the trailer & jacked it up. Rim never touched the ground. :)

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I am working on a Honda right now. The customer brought it to me because it was squealing and the alt. light on. Pop the hood and none of the accessories are spinning. Turns out the crank pully is just spinning on the crank. Removed the pully and found the end of the crank to be unrepairable.......it needs a new engine....unlucky.

Turns out he was planning to leave for New York next week....a drive across the county.........Lucky.

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My last boat had a single axle trailer and no spare. When my wife was backing it down, she got out and flagged me down in the boat, I docked and we traded and I saw that one trailer wheel has a huge, like grapefruit huge, bubble on the inside. I drove it up to the park office to see if we could leave the boat overnight and the bubble popped, but I got another one on the other side. We ended up loading the boat on the trailer and left it at the park near the office. I had to drive up the next day, jack up the trailer and take both tires in to be replaced.

They had both separated from the tread, bubbled up and burst leaving a 4-6 slash in the sidewall.

I was definitely lucky.

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Bought a 247 first week of July. LUCKY The bimini did not arrive until 4 weeks later. UNLUCKY A week after I installed it, the bimini caught wind while I was towing the boat and completely ripped. UNLUCKY. Was able to repair it.LUCKY Cost 140.00. UNLUCKY. Tthe time spent without the bimini wasn't much fun since I live in Las Vegas and the temperatures reach 110+ in July and August.

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Crashed on a 360 try and put my arm through the handle...unlucky. Only tweaked my wrist and didn't tear my bicep loose...lucky!

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Got stuck behind a slow driving lady in a Volvo at the stop sign by my house last week...unlucky. 45 seconds later a truck pulling a mowing trailer hit her head on, that could have / should have been me...lucky! Still can't believe it! They didn't have a driver's license or any insurance. I felt/feel really bad for that lady.

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Boat got broken into and most of the stereo was ripped off. UNLUCKY.... boat was in the dealers lot when it happened....LUCKY... in Vegas until next Friday and they are busy putting it back together for when I return....LUCKY..... hangin in Vegas so far very UNLUCKY.

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A friend of mine this summer was towing with a dual axle trailer coming back from the Lake of the Ozarks ... 11 hour trip ... and a tire blew as she pulled in the driveway. Lucky.

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Landed my first w2w jump ever then landed 2 more, all 3 in a row, lucky (or just damn good :whistle: ) 4th attempt, glorious crash in the flat, felt my ankle pop, swollen before I got back in the boat, unlucky...

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About 10PM driving on the freeway, a guy ahead of me pulling his Malibu had flames coming out of the hood of his SUV: Unlucky

He pulled onto the shoulder, ripped his family out of the car, and got them to safety. LUCKY

My buddy and I pulled up behind him, dropped his winch, unhooked his boat, and pushed it away from the burning vehicle without him even knowing it (he was understandably preoccupied with his family and the flames). By the time he realized it, his boat was 15' away from the flames. VERY LUCKY!

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