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Help: Boat Trailer Scraping Ground

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I have 2007 Response LXi with Extreme Trailer. I ordered it with optional roller wheels attached to the prop guard, as I had on my previous boats. The Problem is the trailer scrapes ground with so little clearance!

When level:

The trailer frame is 16.5 inches above the ground

The prop guard is 4.75 inches above the ground

The roller wheels are 2.75 inches above the ground. (WAY too low!-Can't believe factory allows this)

My solution has been to drop the tongue to 13" above ground, lifting the roller wheels at the rear to 5 inches.

This puts more weight on the front axle, doesn't look great, but stops many but not enough scrapes.

I rented an RV a couple of weeks ago, and had to get a 10" drop hitch which was a real pain. I've got to fix this.

Please help me solve this issue. Should I:

1. Remove the prop guard roller wheels? This would add 2" clearance and stop many scrapes

2. Replace all 4 spindles (includes brakes) with taller ones for $500 + 3hrs labor ~$800 will add 4-5” height

3. Rotate hubs, changing where hubs ride, gain up to 3” height, $200-300?

4. Cut and remount the prop guard frame 2" higher. There is a generous 4-5" between this part of the frame and the prop

5. Other ideas?

Do you Response LXi owners have this problem?

Do you have Extreme Trailer?

thanks for your thoughts!

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Here is my 2 cents worth.

I would not put all the weight on the front axle you might get a lot of swaying. There was an article about lowering trailers with the tourtion tubes axles, you can raise them also if you do not have leaf springs. You could have the main springs re arched to gain height.

I had a 95 Flight Craft with the same set up I got stuck at this one ramp almost every time because of the rollers. And I did drag every where I went. I hope that your roads are better than ours in the East.

look at most sports cars on the market they barley have 3 inches of clearance.

I have a 45 ft car trailer with rollers and I am constantly dragging them.

Those rollers are there for a reason and that is to drag if you get to low. I know that it sounds crazy but you wont hurt anything. Just make you crazy to here that horrible sound.

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If you do have leaf springs, the springs are on top of the axle, correct? Why can't you install a spacer (i.e. lift kit) to add an inch at the axle. That should be easy to make if not available, and you would only need longer U-bolts. The only thing I can think of is the brake line flex hose... it may need to be longer, depending on the lift.

An inch at the axle and an inch at the tongue.

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I like idea number 4.

Also I would try a different length hitch ... but not too much.

Yes I can think of several reasons why this is the best idea. If you have the room do it

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Do you have torsion axles? You can raise it a few inches for free by rotating the hub a few splines.I lowered mine by doing the same thing on my extreme.Check out Woodys post in the tech section just rotate opposite for raising.Maybe call extreme to see how high you can go.

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Thanks for response and link; process seems reasonable.

What are the limits to this? How many inches can this raise the trailer? 2"? More?


I'd think 2 inches would be fine,i emailed extreme to see how low i could go iam sure they could tell ya for sure.It is really simple to do. :rockon:

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