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Insurance question


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To all you jet ski haters out there, lol. Purchased a '05 Seadoo RXP 215 this past January and have probably put maybe 3 tanks of fuel through it this season (friends have ridden more than myself). We have a place on the lake, but no lift. Since it is a pain in the butt to trailer a boat and jet ski, we just left it on a friend's lift. This past week her double lift broke down, barely leaving my jet ski and hers out of the water. Thursday night a storm moved through with high winds which caused some damage to my ski. Im still not sure wth is all broken, but I know Im not happy about it. Im working in WV, my ski is in TX, and I won't be home 'til next wed. I'll know more what is all broken when I see it in person, but here is my question. Will my insurance (Progresive) still cover the ski even though it was parked on another's property? The boat lift mechanic had ordered a part for the lift and was scheduled to fix it today. :badmood: I was planning on putting it and my '96 ss up for sale when I got back. What good luck I have.

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Here is a rule of thumb about insurance. You do not know how bad your insurae is until you have a claim.

Progressive is the worse insurance company in the world. Check your policy depends on how and what you and Flow agreed to. Progressive excludes a lot of coverage to get you lower rates.

This is how the insurance industry in supposed to work. Progressive has the insurance on your ski they owe the claim period. You will have a deductible that is your responsibility.

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The coverages for damages to your jet ski will be clearly spelled out in the policy. Check the policy and read through the insuring agreement, the conditions and the exclusions for both the jet ski damages and then for the whole policy. You are not concerned with the liability section of the policy. You only care about the damages to your property.

I highly doubt there is an exclusion for dmgs to your jet ski based on location. People ride jet skis on lakes which they do not own and have collisions on water they don't own. IMO - It should not matter that the insured vehicle was located somewhere other than your residence. Check the language for any mooring requirements/conditions as that could be an area where "location" might mean something.

Remember, this is a 5 year old watercraft. You are not entitled to brand new parts and some of the replacement parts may be depreciated. A quick internet search shows the 05 RXP 215 is worth anywhere between $3K - $8K(I can't figure out why the huge diff as MSRP was only about $10K) If the damages are more than 75% of the value, more than likely it's totaled. You can cross that bridge when(if) you get there.

Here is a link to the Texas Dept. of Insurance. You can see all of the complaints filed against any carrier by the consumers. You will quickly find there are FAR WORSE carriers than Progressive. Furthermore, just because you have a policy does not mean your claim is going to be paid.

I highly encourage anyone who has any type of insurance questions to read your policy. If you don't understand a word used in the policy, grab a dictionary (that's how the courts figure it out) The policy is a contract which clearly spells out each parties responsibilities. You can speak with your agent, however it is very common for an agent to have extremely limited knowledge of the coverages which he/she sells.

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