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Canyon Lake is friggin sweet

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We had a blast at Canyon Lake over the weekend. The water is so pretty and perfect compared to the muddy lakes around Houston. I spent so much time on the surf board just staring down at the pretty blue water. You can see down about 10 feet or so. It's almost like sea water, especially when the sun hits it. I spent way more time in the water just swimming and splashing than I ever do near Houston. We had the surf wake dialed in and were living the good life!

We could not get over how deep it is! Somerville is maybe 30 feet max. The cove where we ride is 7-9 feet all the way across. We saw a max depth of 157 at Canyon and routinely were in over 100 feet of water just 15-20 feet off shore. Unfortunately I didn't get time to do any cliff jumping, but there is always next trip!

I will say that with the depth the water got pretty choppy. Not too bad for surfing, but this isn't a lake to go footing and even boarding would be rough many days.

Below are pics and vids.

Stella's wake


My riding buddy


Teaching his 5 year old daughter to surf


She was able to get up on a deep water start with me holding the board in the water although she falls as soon as she gets up. She need a bit more strength, I think. I'm sure we will have her free riding by the end of the season.

Here's me. Those are Coast Guard parachuters in the background doing some training out of a helicopter


Canyon Lake is awesome. If you live in Texas, it's definitely worth the drive for a long weekend or more.

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Looks like very nice water, a lot like our lake waaayy up here in Michigan.

I gotta get the surf setup dialed in....it's in the 2011 season budget. Give that girl a handful more tries and she'll be all over it, she looks scared right now.

I read the title of this post, and I can't help but do it with a Peter Griffin voice.

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Been there once a few years ago. I went to the ski show at Sea World in San Antonio where I was visiting my grandmother. It was a cool show & they had a foil rider who took a few passes on an old SS Pro. Afterwards I went around back & asked if I could meet the performers, including the foil rider. They were super nice folks who invited me to come out to one of the guy's lake place on..... yep, Canyon Lake. We had a great time riding & horsing around. They got to see the new (at the time) Shock Tower, and I met a bunch of fun people on the water.

Highlight of the day for me: They had 2 boats, a late 90s MC Prostar 190 & a late 90s Sport Nautique. At one point we were out of beer on one boat, and the other boat had all the beer. So.... AT SPEED..... they pulled one boat right up to the other boat & handed over a six pack. We had to have been going 25 or 30 mph & they were rubbin rub rails to get it done! :crazy:

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Looks like a great lake! I'm in Houston too and thinking about going up there this weekend. Awsome job with the little lady!! I've never wake surfed so she's way ahead of me! Lastly, Those boys in the air are doing a Water Jump and are part of a Special Forces unit with the Texas Army National Guard...One of those guys up there happens to be a best friend of mine! Awesome pic!

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Anotehr great lake is lake Belton. Similar to Canyon but closer, smaller but just as nice. Never been there personally, but heard nothing but good things about both lakes.

Hmmmm.......the phrase "2011 Texas WOW on Canyon Lake" just flashed through my head. I think it is definately doable on Canyon.

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Howdy, new Malibu owner(upgraded from and Larson) and new to the forum. I live in Canyon Lake and the water is nice, but gets choppy with any breeze. You can usually find a cove with some good water in the morning or afternoon. Glad you had a good time. Would be cool to have WOW at Canyon Lake, keep me posted.

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Welcome, MSR.

We are already planning a trip back over the holiday weekend. Keep an eye out for the black and red LSV and/or my blue Aviator at the ramp.

The cove by Skyline definitely seemed the best, so you'll find us there most likely.

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Welcome, MSR.

We are already planning a trip back over the holiday weekend. Keep an eye out for the black and red LSV and/or my blue Aviator at the ramp.

The cove by Skyline definitely seemed the best, so you'll find us there most likely.

We'll probably be out there one day as well. The turkey cove/dam area is usually where we go or all the way to the other end where the river comes into the lake(ramp 10). That is where the best(smooth) water is on the lake, but not as clear.

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