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Adding Cruise Control


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Found this complete 2001 Accuski Speed Control System that was removed from a Response to upgrade to Perfect Pass.

My question is would this connect into my MMC guauge in lieu of mounting its dash control, or is there a better

solution that works in conjunction with the MMC system (also has the adjustment buttons for the cruise in the dash)?

We are still teeter tottering on whether to upgrade the boat or sell and dig up something open bow with the features

that we would be adding, and cruise would definitely be a handy one.

We have a 2001 Sportster, don't slalom or barefoot though, mostly board sports these days, but the cruise would be

quite handy when we are trying to zero in on a good shaped wake with many different passengers as well as teaching

new riders.

Don't know much about the MMC controls optional functions, but it seems like it would accept both the

gps, and motor cruise systems. Does anyone have any experience with cruise + the gauge? Or any insight on what we

should be looking for to add cruise to the boat? Without looking I do think we have two smaller blank gauge spots

unused due to having the MMC gauge. It seems like a pretty powerful unit for what it is, the last dealer we talked to

told us adding cruise to it consisted of adding engine controls and a foot pedal.

I don't know if I am too keen on the foot pedal idea, but we do like the functions of the gauge and the digital readouts

that add to the analog meters already in the dash, plus the engine readouts, depth, temp, and so on can be quite handy

if there was a good solution that didn't involve replacing or rendering the gauge obsolete.

Any thoughts on the Accuski, or just adding cruise to the boat with the MMC? Our original dealer is closed and the new

guys around don't really seem to be in touch with the features of the older models to thoroughly, we are planning a

trip to the nearest larger dealer to gather some more info when we get another bad weather day, but you all seem to be

knowledgeable and very helpful so we thought we would ask you all for some guidance first.

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I know the accuski was a good system but they are now out of business, which probably means you will have a very hard time ever finding parts if something breaks.

Frankly if you wanted to get cruise control I'd bite the bullet and get perfectpass for the parts and service alone.


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Accuski is a good system, but as noted they are out of business so technical help and parts can be a challenge. It is simple to install and does offer some advantages over the other systems along with some drawbacks. The foot pedal engage/disengage can be considered a negative to the system, but it does work well and allows easy override to the system while underway. Accuski allows small changes to the locked in speed while underway and allows you to enter any speed, not just the standard speeds (eg: 34.2 or 36 for slalom). Conceptually, it operated exactly the reverse of Perfect Pass, so that takes some getting used to if familiar with the other system. The scroll and menu screens are easy to read, reasonable intuitive and also will store many different skier settings. No question, the newer systems have become more user friendly and simpler to operate, but if the price is right, the system will provide good results. Many consider the Accuski to offer the "best" or mildest pull for slalom junkies, so that is a distinct advantage to the system.

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I think it was a complete system pulled for around $350 shipped, if I remember correctly what the fellow was asking.

It sounds like we would be stuck using the dash mounted monitor if we went with this, which I guess wouldn't be the worst all in all.

The pedal sounds like kind of a 50/50 thing, but if it's and electronic switch that could be modified into a dash button as well.

Does anyone know what system was built to be added directly to the MMC gauge? Or am I missing that the Accuski is the compatible one?

It would be nice to just use that gauge and the existing speed adjustment buttons if it was possible.

Thanks for your input already, hope to get some more about the compatibility of this gauge with other systems if that is at all


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