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Bought a Used 2008 247 Wakesetter (Glitches)

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Hello, I bought A used 2008 247 Wakesetter LSV last week. It had 58 Hours on it when I bought it. I have already put 20 hours on it and have noticed Several Anomalies. I figure I would put them up here and see if anyone else has or is currently experiencing any of these and know a fix.

Anomaly Number 1: The Power Wedge.

When I get Ready to start up the boat and the Battery is in Pos 1 or 2 or both does not matter, and I have the Power Wedge Page Selected on the Mux System. I turn the key to the first right position before eng starts. The Down key on the Mux system engages automatically and deploys the Wedge. If I change the page on the Mux to the Stereo Page then the Channel Back button is engaged. By switching back and forth between these two pages I can not get those buttons in the off mode unless I turn the key off and select a page like say stereo preset in which those buttons have no function they are just blanks. Then it’s ok. I can start the engine put it in gear ,raise the wedge and everything is ok. However occasionally it warns me the wedge is in motion after I have come to a stop or I used reverse. I’ve already tried calibrating it a several times and that does not help.

Anomaly Number 2: Bilge Water

I keep my boat up on a Hydrohoist Lift. But every time I take her out the boat seems to take on water even when No one climbs in the boat dripping wet or taking on a wave over the bow. It just takes on water. As far as I can tell it’s only about an inch every time, so when I put it back on the lift I open the Center Compartment on the floor to the left of drivers seat and remove the brass T handle plug. The water drains out in about 5 min to where it just drips. Is this Normal?

Anomaly Number 3: Lighting Flickers.

At night when I have the lights on I get an occasional Flicker or Pulse. It is completely random and does not happen at a specific time range. Could be 5 sec apart then 45sec. But all the lights seem to be affected.

Anomaly Number 4: Depth Finder.

Depth Finder only works at speeds below 25mph. Above that it just locks in its last reading and flashes. If I make a hard turn it takes a quick reading then freezes again. This one does not concern me too much as it is probably in need of some minor adjustment.

I bought the boat from a dealer who sold it on consignment. He supposedly sent an email into Malibu to have the remainder of the warranty transferred over to me. The boat was put into service for the first time in June of 2009.

Thanks for reading and for any insight you can share.

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Anomaly Number 2: Bilge Water

There is a plug that can let you seperate the ski locker in the floor from the rear engine compartment. See if that plug is in place.

If it is open, then water will move forward and backward between the two compartments. When you have the boat on the lift and drain, you are only draining what has moved forward. There might still be water from that center wall back to the engine area, and next time out some of it will move forward with the motion of the boat.

Drain, then close that off. Then see if you are still getting water in. That will tell you if the water is coming in from the engine area (shaft seal, leaking line, etc.

Anomaly Number 4: Depth Finder.

My finder (in a 2008 21 LSV) would routinely freeze. The dealer was able to do some checks and do an update to correct it.

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RE: Problem 3

One thing to check would be the shower pump! I had the same thing happening on my 99 VLX and found I had left the shower switch on, and when the pressure drops in the shower hose the pump will start for a second and then shut off causing the lights to flicker.

I hope this helps



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I have an 09 LSV with Mailiview and I seem to be getting the flickering lights as well. Only seems to be happening when I am driving. Could there be a frequency issue with the electrical on the engine and the lights?


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This is a shot in the dark, but you night check to see if you have your presets selected and if that includes a wedge deployment. If not have your dealer check it out, that does not seem to be normal operating procedure. Good Luck.


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There were MUX switch and throttle glitches that Malibu sent out techs to correct. All MUX and throttles were replaced. I would start by making sure the 2008 fixes were done on your boat.

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There were MUX switch and throttle glitches that Malibu sent out techs to correct. All MUX and throttles were replaced. I would start by making sure the 2008 fixes were done on your boat.

+1 on this, make sure it's been fixed.

I am new to my LSV and have had a couple times that something happened that seemed odd. For instance some times I will go to take off and it won't let me go over 22. I am like WTF then I realize I had cruise control on. Same thing with the wedge, a few times I took off and the wedge deployed. I found out I was still in a preset. LOL. It so easy to jump to another page and forget what you were just doing.


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As far as your lights flickering, you proabaly have a loose ground wire somewhere

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About the flicker.......try isolating the problem by turning things off / on one at a time. Try cycling the bilge pump on and off. Same with the sound system.

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