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2008 WS VLX

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Looking to purchase my first Malibu and have located a 2008 WS VLX with 90 hours on it. It's a single owner boat, always serviced at the same Maryland marina. Comes with bimini, cover, tower, ballast, speed cntrl, manny wedge, stero, etc. There is no trailer.

The guy is asking 45k for it but I think has some room to move down. He ranks it an 8.5 or 9 out of 10 (minor scratches in decals, normal 1 1/2 seasons of wear and tear).

We're usually between 6-8 folks on th boat.

If I'm looking to surf, board and tube with infrequent open water skiing thrown in, am I looking at a good possibility.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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If you've never slalomed behind a wake hull I suggest you do, it's going to launch you even w/ perfect form its rough to ski behind. This boat does once think exceptionally well...creating wakes. Imho 6-8 people can easily fit in a '08 VLX .

w/o a trailer that price is high. You're looking at 4-6k for a trailer, most '08's seem to be right about 49k and you don't need to hassle w/ finding a trailer.

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We paid $49K for our flawless 08 WS VLX with trailer, had 80 hrs on it came with a killer sound package and power wedge. Skiing is pretty tough behind it due to the design of the hull.

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Thanks for the input. Our other option is an '06 Sunscape 21 LSV (Diamond hull). It has about 70 hours on it and runs about the same asking price as the VLX (45k or a bit less). I feel like I could get a better ski out of this boat, but I'm worried about the wake for surfing. The boat has no hard ballast although the guy will provide 2 sacks.

I guess it's the typical crossover quandry: wanting an all around boat and having to decide to err on the side of surfing/boarding vs. boarding/skiing.

The Sunscape seems like it comes with most of the options present in the Wakesetter xcept no ballast, no biminy. On the other hand, it does have a pretty nice trailer.


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You can add sacks for surfing in the rear trunks, but w/o the front and center tanks it'll clutter up the boat w/ sacks but it can do just fine for surfing. The speeds at which the diamond hull becomes effective is in the mid 20's mph, it'll take maybe a bit more than the nondiamond hull but definitely a surf capable boat. You best bet it to take the LSV out and run it through it's paces as you'd use it.

Really at the end of the day killer slalom/surf boat doesn't exist and both have to compromise, but for a vdrive either the LSV or the VTX on the diamond hull are the best bets.

While a nice trailer is cool, if the boat doesn't preform to your needs it's just useless eye candy.

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We have the Diamond and love it. Still skiable, wakeboard wake is plenty good and I think the surf wake is as good maybe even a little better than my friends wake hull. My friend also agrees. His is an 05 mine is the 07, both the same vlx except the bottom. You will want bow ballast and throw a 750 in the locker.That makes a huge improvement.

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I will second badluck. I have an 07 with the diamond hull. While it isn`t pro level at anything it sure is great at everything. The wake is awsome ,the surf wave can be more than enough, and you can slalom behind it with out killing yourself. For the price range your looking at you can find one with a trailer. I have seen them go for less but they are little gems.

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