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Trip Report


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It's funny with all the talk lately about rules on your boat and crew members flaking that I had a day like I did today.

We were set to go at 8AM this morning; me, my brother and sister in law and 1 friend of theirs. They meet me at 8:15 with one additional person - the friends 7 year old son. I asked if they had a life jacket for him. Of course they didn't. Guess we're gonna start the morning at WallyWorld (WalMart). We get to WalMart, luckily on the way to the lake, at like 9. They didn't have any life jackets the right size. 2 doors down is a Sport Chalet. We went there, but they don't open until 9:30. We wait. Finally get in and get the jacket (That I PAID FOR). One of my crew decides they want to go to Pyramid Lake instead of Castaic. It's an additional 15 minutes up the freeway. I agree to go there...

Get to Pyramid at 10. Pull up to pay the fee, but the girl working there says "I have some bad news. They closed the lake to skim off a bunch of the algae."





So we head back down the hill to Castaic...

We get there about 10:30 and onto the water a little before 11. As you can immagine, the water isn't very flat. I was up at 7AM to get some good water, and I get the 11am chop. I take the first run skiing. It's not too bad, still a bit bumpy, but fun.

A little later, there was a silver lining to the day. My sister in law tried wakeboarding for the first time and GOT UP!!! :yahoo: She rode for maybe 100 yards. I was really proud of her. :clap:

Lunch - I was told they were bringing food. They did.



Salted peanuts

I DIED!!! :Doh:

All I could think about was the crew and what food people generly don't allow. I tried to be cool though. I just tried to stress not getting stains on the vinyl. In hind sight; it all worked out.

After lunch the kid wanted to tube. So I pumped it up and we did a little tubing before calling it a day.

My brother in law went to get the truck and trailer. He's done it for me a few times before, but today he couldn't get it right. First he backed it too far. He submerged the guide poles instead of the fenders. Once he pulled up a bit, I took a second shot - wind. Got blow off to the left and had to take a 3rd shot. Even the lifegaurd on the dock was giving me some grief. :loser: I suck. Usually I spend less than 30 seconds on the ramp. Just a bad day. I was frustrated.

We got up the hill to wipe the 'Bu down when I noticed the pieces of diamond plate behind both trailer fenders WAS GONE! What the hell??? I'll post some pics tomorrow. Anybody have a suggestion where I can get 2 new pieces? It's an Extreme Trailer. The crew was pretty good about helping me clean up at the end of the day. I'll give them that. I didn't want to be the one to deflate and pack up the tube, but I was... Whatever.

So we headed home. Dropped em' off, not even an offer to help with gas/life jacket/admission. I know it's not required, but I really went above and beyond today being patient about an additional crew member, waiting to get him a life jacket, etc... I had told the kids dad some guidelines about boating with a young kid, hoping that he would keep the kid in line. Nope. It was pretty much left up to me to make sure he was seated when we were moving, that he was sitting on the seat and not the sides or back... I don't know. Maybe I'm PMSing, but it was frustrating. Thanks for letting me vent.

Malibu Crew Rules! I can't wait to go out with my regular crew again!

Thanks for letting me vent. I know it wasn't all that bad, but I just needed to vent! :rant:

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I forgot one other thing. The friend brought his wet suit. His wetsuit he had recently used to go SCUBA diving. From the beach. To my boat. Without cleaning it. With tons of sand. Sand that is now in my carpet. UGH!!! I didn't see it until he pulled it out of his bag after we were on the water. Live and learn...

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You're right, alot of stories on rules and such recently, but regardless, that bunch you took along is an inconsiderate lot. And bringing a little kid with no life jacket, and then not even ponying up for your own kid? That is some :loser: parenting right there. What else don't they get?

You are a very generous and accomodating soul. I would have simply said to the friend, sorry, he must have a life jacket, and since I don't have one that fits you will need to buy one, or you are both not going to be able to go.

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Speaking of food ... I had some co-workers over once. I provided the lake house, boat, gas, main dish for dinner and they were suppose to bring a side dish. Boated all day but noticed while this family was on shore taking a break they were eating and thought it was strange but what the heck. Boated some more and put the boat away and went to eat dinner and they said they didn't bring any food, sheez! Oh, they were suppose to bring their pontoon as they have a big family and they didn't.

I also did some computer work for them and they never paid for it. Needless to say they never got invited back. Also I've heard they are always the last to leave if they go out and then they take some of the tip money.


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it is the way of the world. people are just inconsiderate a$$holes. I am at the point where I am not taking anyone out anymore. I have never had a respectful guest on my boat.

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That's my most extreme story to tell ... so far everyone else has been good.

I was part of a pig roast on the lake this summer ... with keg ... and it was held at Gary and Mattie's house. Their 13 year grandson was there. He got a nasty cut on his foot from the heel to the tip of his big toe form a tent stake ... after I was cleaning my boat I found his bandage in one of my cup holders, yuck.

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