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Need some advice on upgrading seats


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Anything is possible. :rockon:

I imagine you will need to use the pedestal from the old seat. The one from the VLX will rotate & I doubt you have the room in the Echelon for that.

What year VLX? Maybe someone can get you some dimensions for you to check before you buy it.

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Why? Is yours broken or do you want more comfort, or what?

Reason I ask is because one of my favorite design features of the Echelon is that I can pass between the driver's seat and the motorbox and pylon without having to walk all the way around or bust out my parkour skills to jump over. That newer seat has to be much wider and you may lose that feature.

If you want more comfort, it would be much easier to replace the foam with a different type and re-wrap the existing seat.

If you want it higher, there is a fix for that.

Yeah, anything is possible, and I've certainly modded things to the point of ridiculous, but there may be an easier solution to whatever the issue is.

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The reason was I liked the option of the flip up bolster seat as well as the swivel.

A local guy is selling the seat (with base and all hardware for $200). Though I might be able to make it work. I do like being able to walk between those but I am not totally convinced this seat would eliminate that as it does slide foward as well as rotate.


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That is a good looking seat. Like other's have said where there's a will there's a way. Bust out the tape and see. With the base included it might be really easy. Does it match your interior already or would you be recovering it?

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My knee jerk reaction is it will fit, but won't have room to swivel, too close to the gunnel. But, you would have the bolster. BTW, did you know your cushion lifts right out on the bottom of the seat? I'm sure you could modify it and make a bolster, or have a larger (taller) matching cushion made.

I kinda hope I'm wrong on the swivel, 'cause that would be nice. I eyeballed mine when I raised it with 2" pipe nipples, even the little stock seat wouldn't provide room to install a swivel.

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Hey Ramman I was curious about the same thing. I'm not a big fan of the wings on the side of the seat and wanted to put it on a swivel. I'll do some looking around as well and let you know if I find anything.

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Hey Ramman I was curious about the same thing. I'm not a big fan of the wings on the side of the seat and wanted to put it on a swivel. I'll do some looking around as well and let you know if I find anything.

Thanks but I decided to pass on this. I think it would be more straight foward to do a Response seat, but even then I am not sure it would work. For now my Academy Special Type IV PFD works just fine a booster seat.

And it was way cheaper. :thumbup:


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I installed a Response seat in my Echelon, fits great and is very comfortable. Simple bolt in and due to geometry is slightly tilted back which I like a lot. The direct bolt in holes that exist in the base move the seat just slightly back from the existing Echelon seat. I used the existing Echelon rails and adjuster mechanism. The seat I installed does not have the fold up bolster as a reference.

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I decided against the VLX seeat as I am sure the dimensions are too wide for the boat. If find a repsonse seat I will jump on it. Otherwise when the interior gets done I'll prob have chee make me a new seat.

Thanks for the info.

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