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malibu 5.7 350

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I want to buy a 2001 Malibu Sportster but I think the block is cracked. It is the 5.7 350..Do u have any advice as to the cheapest way to fix this problem? Could I just buy a used car engine and put marine parts on it? Any advice is very appreciated!

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i just bought a sunsetter vlx with a cracked block. my plan was to buy a new block but upon further inspection i noticed both heads were cracked aswell. i found a used engine out of a jet boat but any 350 vortec (assuming it is a vortec in that boat) will do. and bought just the long block and swoped over the water manifolds and intake manifold. you will have to make sure you find a vortec and the easiest way to tell is by the intake bolts go straight down compared to the older ones that go at an angle. the only problem i had with mine was putting it back in and lining it up with the prop shaft. so when removing make sure to either mark motor mounts and do not adjust them so it remains as close as possible. after saying all that if its water in the oil make sure its not just a head gasket or a cracked head much smaller and easier job. hope this helps.

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I've fixed one with a die grinder, air drill and JB Weld, so it only cost about $4.95 at Kragen's for the JB Weld. We need a little more info on where/how it's cracked in order to make valid recommendations about how to fix it...

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You could, you can also buy a new or reman longblock for around $2500. Need to make sure the exhaust manifolds are not also cracked.

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Ok, i read the post and need to comment. yes i am a newbie to site. but i am 25 yr marine tech by trade. car engine has no stainless head gaskets, brass freeze plugs or a marine grind on cam. so no do not just put a car motor in it. second just because you have oil in crank case it can mean. bad exhaust manifold,riser,even riser gasket failure.oil cooler if equiped, dont always assume its a blown head gasket.next do not jb weld a block. the block is distorted meaning not square. that means cylinders are no longer round. get a remaned long block and di it right the first time. AND FLIP THE INTAKE OVER AND REMOVE THE FOUR RIVETS HOLDING THE OIL SPLASH SHIELD OFF AND MAKE SURE THE BOTTOM OF INTAKE IS NOT CRACKED ALSO. BEIN THERE DONE THAT ON MORE THEN A FEW FREEZE DAMAGED MOTORS. thank you. if you need any help just hollar. always willing to help.

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