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Steering started locking up like crazy this weekend at Tillery. Took it to a shop who called today and said that it was the steering helm because of the tilt mechanism.

They said a new helm with tilt was $430 and one without was $300ish plus 3 hours labor for $150.

This sounds ridiculously priced. But I am in a big hurry, so I guess I don't have a choice. Seems like the part should only be about $150ish. But I have no idea where to get it or what I am actually looking for!! Am I getting ripped off??

Help please. I have till tomorrow morning to let him know.

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When in doubt - get a second opinion. The cost of a new tilt mechanism sounds about right from a dealer. You can get one from GreatLakesSkipper.com for about $200 though.

I can see a dealership charging those prices without a blink - they have big overhead, high hourly and a sizable parts mark-up. They're doing their thing just staying in business.

It's not a secret that if you have an indy, or can do it yourself, you can save a ton on both parts and labor.

I've taken my tilt helm apart - and I believe it can wear to a point that it'll lock up. Especially if you've stressed it with a sticky steering cable for a long period of time. Ultimately, I removed the tilt helm, put in a non-tilt, shimmed it so the wheel position was comfortable, and all is good.

My total cost to do it myself was about $160 for the parts from SkiDim, including helm and cable.

My $.02 opinion though - it goes back to the old formula - you can have it done well, done fast or done cheap...pick any two. If you want it done well and fast, it won't be cheap.

Good luck! And let us know how it turns out?

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This is not a Malibu dealer otherwise I would guess that as well. Just a boat shop. I am on hold with skidim as I read your post and write this. I am hoping I can just order the helm from them and ship it to the shop. And just pay labor.

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Yeah, SkiDim is the way to fly on this one. You could do the work yourself. Just pull the drivers seat and you can get to it on your back fine. Does your cable need replaced too?

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