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Starting Problem

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I have a 2002 XTI with 5.7 Vortex EFI. My problem is that my boat starts and runs great, but once in awhile I go to turn the boat over and I get no response. Gauges and stereo work when I turn on ignition and I have changed battery & starter. Last weekend before I put in water it started and ran great, backed into water and I it won't start (I mean nothing). Walked away and come back after cooling off and it starts. Any suggestions?

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A kill switch would not let the gauges run, OP said they do run so kill switch is not the problem.

OP I would check/clean battery terminals at the battery and the contacts at the starter, also check the crimps, you may have a loose connection messing things up there.

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Check that you are getting +12 on the s terminal on the back of the ignition switch while holding the key to start. If that's good try swapping out the start relay

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Had a similar problem on my '03 wakesetter. I, too, thought it was a starter. Put a new starter on, and still had the same problem. The issue I had was the engine would not crank when it was cold. Gauges would work, just not crank. I would have to jump the starter with a screw driver to get it started. Once the engine warmed up to temperature, it would start normally all day long. Once it cooled down overnight, same problem. What I had was a loose connection where the engine wiring harness plugs into the ECM. I'm not exactly sure where it would be on your engine since we have different engines, but I wouldn't think it would be a whole lot different. The ECM opn mine is located on the back side of the engine on top of the bell housing. The plug is roughly 10-11 o'clock from the stater. It has a rubber cover and is secured with a hose clamp. Pull it apart, make sure there is not corrosion. If not corroded, coat the plug prongs with electrical grease, and put it back together, just make sure to push it all the way on to get a good connection. See where that gets you.

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