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service required

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I know this has been talked about before, but I have not seen anyone with a 2010 vride have the service required alarm flash on the LCD. It seems like it happened on the 08 Wakesetters often. I have 66 hours on the boat, its got the monsoon. I just dont know if I should be taking it seriously or not. The boat performed just fine for a couple hours with the alarm flashing every five minutes. Should I take it in for service, or wait for the 3 cold starts and hope it goes away? any advice would be great!! I had an 03 Wakesetter for 7 years and not one alarm ever!!! Thanks for the help.

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I was out on the water today and I got the same message "Service Required". Everything seems ok, temp, pressure, etc. I hit the "E" button and the message goes away for a minute then comes back. Any ideas as to what the problem is?

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It happened to me a while back when my battery got too low from running the stereo while cleaning. Charged it up and the three starts got rid of it completely. Not sure what is going on with yours but the system can clear itself if the problem does not remain.

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I have an 07 Vlx with monsoon. I have had four O2 sensors fail in 200 hrs between the 400 and 600 hr mark. Sometimes screen locks up as "service req'd" and sometimes it doesn't. Not sure if it is a true active fault or if it just a glitch. Two have failed after miss fires and two at random. Off warranty now so it is going to cost to fix. Does anyone know if you can just change the sensor and not put it on the computer? Sensor is easy to replace, but wondering if the code will slide into the inactive position and stay there. Or does the code need to cleared completely? Anyway it is frustrating and will end up being expensive if this keeps up. Sorry for the hijack :whistle:


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look in your manual under service codes or OBD-M or something to that effect not near my manual right now... you can bring the code up on your screen just need to follow manual's instructions. My 08 has the codes listed in the manual not sure on 2010.

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Everything ran fine all weekend, oil pressure normal, temp normal. Service required only comes on now when you turn the the key to run position. It goes off when I started it. Weird, something tripped it, must not have been too serious I guess. Thanks for the help everyone!!

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