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Lake Roosevelt WA Slalom Course????


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Hey Guys,

I'm going on vacation next week and we will be at Lake Roosevelt for a week. Does anyone know if there is a slalom course set up on the lake? I'm debating taking mine and setting it up for the week but I'm running short on extra space in the truck.

We will be staying at Seven Bays.

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Came up with a new idea that I will use if no one knows of a course on the lake. I'll put some Yakima Ski racks on the roof of the truck and strap the pipes up top.

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Hey, off topic, but maybe you guys can tell me.... or I can take it to another thread. When guys put a course in a public lake, are you responsible about it? ie; sinking it when your not using it, repairing it, etc.? And if you don't, who does?

I've "tripped" over a course on our lake. It was about 1' underwater at the time. Since then I have seen it up several times, and it's a mess. Missing buoys, nothing inline, etc. I've asked a couple of guys about it & no one has seen anyone skiing it in over a year. One of the guys who used to use it regularly, an older guy, had a stroke & is laid up now. I have a feeling that no one has taken responsibility for it since.

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Unless the provisioning body regulates/prohibits your on your own to deal w/ it. I would repair it since I'm using it, but if someone was to have an accident and this is the cause that could be scary. I'd remove that course and put it on shore if it has real potential to cause problems. Many of the lakes in CA prohibit these so you've got to remove it or hide it so the popo don't confiscate it. May be check w/ that older guy first to see if he owns it or knows who does. The one I know of a skied many times is run by a club on a public lake and they are tasked w/ dealing w/ it in all aspects and are required to have a permit and insurance to do so.

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