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Sunday ride on Williams Lake


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Interesting day on Sunday. Thought it was worthy of a laugh or two.

A guy from Seattle that I ride with occasionally was expected on Williams Lake, a small lake west of town, maybe 40 minutes from where we live. Gary is a good guy, descent foil rider, bought an MC X2 about a year ago, but I would still consider him a new boat owner. Showed him a few things about the boat & trailer that I thought he should do.

So I'm not familiar with this lake & it's tiny, 320 acres, long & thin, with an island in the middle to miss. It was windy as he11 all day, not to mention busy with tons of jetskiers. I spent a lot of time driving & looking out for various yahoos as we all rode. Makes we realize why I don't own an X2..... scoop of a bow so be ultra careful of scooping waves, and the driver's seat bolster is hard as a brick. So when I rode, we picked up 2 LSVs & a 2 jetskis gawking..... literally followed us everywhere we went. It was unreal. And nerve racking. But I had an OK ride & they made me feel like a rock star.

But to cap it off, Gary's friend who has a place on the lake, is a guy who actually lives 300 miles away in Bellevue. Tom is a pretentious, snooty UW Husky fan who felt like he needed to give every boat we went by a parade wave....... repeatedly, and tell several people that the WSU Cougs suck. Which they do, but this lake is right in the middle of Cougar-land. The guy was tanked.... I think before we ever showed up. He is overly impressed with the jetskiers & "converter boats"...... the old school jet boats that convert gas to noise. And to everyone's enjoyment he's wearing a pair of shorts that are WAY TOO SMALL so everyone gets to check out the goods occasionally. WTF is with some people???? :Doh:

The lake is home to a small resort packed full of park model homes & a 5 star restaurant named Klinks, which had really good food. But Patti & I were ready to get the he11 out of Dodge by then. Was good to be home, in civilization again. No cells there so we both had multiple calls & texts. Made us realize how much we use those stupid things. And how much we appreciate our Malibu & home lake! :yahoo:

Oh well, live & learn! We ended up hooking up with a family from one of the LSVs. Nice folks from the TriCities area, Sundown Marine customers.... another WA Malibu dealer. We taught a couple of them how to ride SkySki..... their 14 yr old girl really did well on it. Come to find out she's an aspiring pilot & on the verge of getting her pilots license before she can drive a car! :rockon:

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Holly s*** I should have read the last part.... The people that have the Tan LSV are the ones we stay with up there and they are great people.....

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Holly s*** I should have read the last part.... The people that have the Tan LSV are the ones we stay with up there and they are great people.....

Yea, Brent was the guy's name. He said he did landscaping. Unfortunately I don't recall the other names. Nice folks though. Was fun showing them how to ride a foil. Although it might get kind of expensive for Brent. :crazy:

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