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Slalom Ski for a Freeskiing 40 year old wanting to be 20 again!


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Crew - OK, I've been reading the other posts and need a little more help in this subject. I love to slalom, but I grew up the old fashion way, learning how to get up on one with one lag dragging and then learning all the bad things that result in line slack, the whole nine yards. So I finally go my first real ski boat and now I'm ready to have some fun getting back into skiing regularly and learning how to slalom properly. I am 5'11" and weigh 185. I like to ski around 30 to 32 mph and I'm not always in flat water when I get a run in. I really would like a ski I can carve some nice turns on and something that I feel will really stick to the water and not feel like it's going to kick out on me. I bought an advanced Connelly back in the mid -90's and really never enjoyed it because it was very unstable and easily kicked out in rippled water....I'm sure some of that was my fault, however, I skied a much heavier and longer Jobe that my brother owned and always felt like I could be aggressive with it because it stuck to the water in all conditions. Don't get me wrong, I don't try to slalom in white caps but I don't always get glass either. I looked at the posts and the Radar Senate has me intrigued based on a member saying it felt like it was "glued" to the water. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

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You ski exactly how I ski...at least from the info provided. I ski an Obrien Synchro with double wraps. I highly recommend. It's great for free skiing. Carves nice turns. And it's course-capable if you accidentally end up doing buoys. I personally can't do a course anymore - my shoulders are shot. But I can shadow the buoys. And it works for that.

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I just started riding the Radar Theory this year. I have a thread on it as I initially had trouble adjusting to the double bindings, but now feel it is a great ski. I think the Senate is one step above the Theory in performance and price. I went with the Theory over the Senate because my last ski was 15 years old, at 44 this might be the last one I buy and that slightly wider profile might make it easier to get up on in later life.

I do like the ski though, similar to you I ski recreational, but hard and with bad form. The ski itself is great, I'm not convinced I need the double boot, but getting used to it.

Oh, can't believe nobody said this yet. See if you can try it before you buy it. I didn't, but wish I did just to see the difference between the Theory and Senate. My marina wouldn't allow it. their are some mail order places that do though.

Good Luck and have fun.

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I would give the Radar Theory a try with double Vector boots.

I just went from a HO Triumph (very similar to the Theory) to a Radar Senate C and love it. It is just a little more difficult to get up on, but it turns much more easily and is faster. I really like it. The Triumph is still a great ski and very stable, but I was ready to move onto something a bit more aggressive - but that wouldn't kick my butt.

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Thanks all for your thoughts on this.

The Senate C is a little thinner than the Senate - Correct? I'll check the Radar site to see.

I am pretty sure the Senate and the Senate C are the same size and profile just different material (carbon) added to the C.

Edit, sorry, did you mean narrower? That is what I was thinking, not thinner. It may well be thinner.

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Senate and Senate C are from same mold... 0.2" wider then "standard". The Senate C is the carbon version...may consider it "the best bang for the buck" in 34mph slalom category.

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Im new to the forum. Just looking for some advice on ski selection. Been skiing 35+ yrs. Advanced open water skier, beginner/intermediate in the course. Im a very active 53 yr old. 6'3" 250 lbs. Avid in most board sportts snow/wake board, surfing, kite boarding. Sold my Mastercraft (Maristar225/ X-30) 8 yrs and tried a few larger cruisers and sport fish as we moved from AZ to FL on the Intercoasta? Smooth water was hard to find there for slalom. In the end found we mostly wakeboarded as a result. Just found a new flat water skiing area and bought into a MC Prostar. Getting back into slalom after a nearly 10 year break and stoked! My last skii (and current) is a 70" HO CDX for the course and more aggressive skiing, and a 69" Icon Kahuna Carve for open water cruising in the ICW. Im a fairly aggressive skier but after 6 knee surgeries and a few more years, the CDX is beating me up. It was fine at 36 but feels like an anchor at 32-34 where I feel more comfortable now. Im getting back into the course to see if I can make some advancement but want to get a new skii. I like the Radar Senate C and am tempted to just pick one up. The other option is the standard Senate, or possibly the Theory ( just bought my wife one) or the HO Triumph. I feel like after some research, I am much more drawn to the Senate C (or Std Layup Senate) but Im concerned about my size being out of its range. The largest size offerred is 69 and specs reccommend max 220 lbs. I'm wondering if at my size I'll need 36mph to make it work and be right back to my 70 CDX. The Radar Theory is a half imch wider at 69 but I feel like I might want more performance. The Triumph comes in a 71 but I'm afraid they might be a little too tame and sound a little too close to the 69 Kahuna. Seems I'm a little out of the box on size so I'm unsure. Wish the Senate came in a 70. They said it was a possibility in 2013-2014. Any reccomendations for a big guy with well worn knees getting back into training in the course? Do you think the Senate C would work for m, or the Std Senate better? I am definitely stoked (and a little sore but happy) after the first few days back on my old sticks and looking for a new modern design better for my speed and ability. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer.

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