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Rear seat back removal 2006 21 LSV or VLX

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I slipped while stepping down from the sundeck to the rear seat yesterday and the fin from my ski

sliced a 1 inch gash on the top edge of the wrap-around seat back. My boat lives on a lift at a

marina on a lake that is nowhere near a major city, so I'm guessing that my best bet is to remove

the entire seat back and take it in for repair.

I can see a row of screws along the top and another set lower down on the seat back. But, the side

wrap-around portions seem too solid to not have more hardware back there under the gunwale. At first

glance, though, and without a flashlight, I couldn't figure out how/where to get access.

Anyone remove their seat back? Any tips on removal?

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All the screws along the top and bottom and then 2 or 3 bolts through the gunnel on either side. One or two of them may be lag bolts, the others have nuts and washers on them.

In terms of repair many vinyl guys are mobile and will come to you, ask your dealer who hey use.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just for future-reference purposes, my boat had the row of screws on top and the row

of screws midway down the rear seat back. Plus, it had three lag screws at the very

top of the gunwale on each side, and two more lag screws on the bottom edge of each

side. Plus, there were some screws securing the fuel lines to the seat back via

rubber-padded metal straps.

Once the screws were all removed, I had to gently lift up while squeezing the side

edges inward. I padded the abutting side vinyl panels so that they wouldn't get

damaged by the edge of the side panel portions of the rear seat back.

Removing the seat back can be done as a one-man job. Dropping it back into position

is really a two-man job as it's awful darn difficult to get it back in without

simultaneously pulling those side wings inward while pushing the seat back downward.

And, of course, it took a bit more manipulation to get the screw holes to line up.

End result: a one hour job to remove the seat back; a two hour job to get it back

in and all screws re-snugged. YMMV.

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  • 1 year later...

I'd just like to say, whoever designed the locatiion of the rear gunwale bolts for the 2004 vlx should be shot. It might of been easier on a 21 lsv, but on my bolt it was a PAIN in the a**.

The bolts are burried under the spring/tower setup, and about impossible to get to. Terrible design.

That is all.

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