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New 2010 Wakesetter VLX owner with some questions


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Hey guys,

Just last weekend I picked up a 2010 Malibu Wakesetter VLX last weekend. It's my first boat, and so far mostly everything is going great.


Illusion G3 Titan Tower w/titan spinner

Malibu Monsoon 350hp Motor

12 inch Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate Amp 2 channel

Alpha II 6X9 Speakers two pair

8 Rockford Fosgate speakers

So I have a few questions. First off I feel like I should have done some research here before buying the boat, however, hopefully it's not such a big issue. So here are some thing I am curious about. Being an audio enthusiast I've always enjoyed high quality speakers for music, now by going with the factory audio option did I get ripped off? I personally don't know if there is a difference for marine audio speakers vs normal car audio speakers, so I assumed my safest bet was going with what the factory offered. I see a lot of people went with different options so I'd like to hear feedback/advice about my audio set up and potential room for growth. thank you.

I've also had an issue with my towers speakers cutting in and out, checked all the wiring on the amps, and they seem to be fine, so I am not sure whats causing that issue, but hope to have the dealer resolve it for me.

Also, I noticed, and I don't know if this is normal or not, but in the battery compartment the rack that the amps are sitting on is quite wobbly, and only drilled in on one part. It doesn't seem to sturdy.. anyone else have this issue?

With the power wedge down, you should not go over 25 mph to avoid damaging anything, is what I have been told?

What is a good place to get a lot of aftermarket stuff for the boat? And would anyone recommend getting a dehumidifier to keep in the boat, to help the carpets dry out? I've noticed that the carpets take a while to dry, and leave quite a damp smell during the drying process. It is also tough when they arent dry and I have to cover the boat due to rain. Thanks

I also noticed around 3000-4500 rpms the motor kind of makes a whining noise. I was told this was normal, can anyone agree with that?

How do I know if I have a wake hull or a surf hull?

What do you guys recommend to clean the inside of the boat (seats, windows, carpet) and the outside of the boat, after use?

Lastly, I'd like to add a bit more ballast in the boat. The dealer has told me they can set up 650 lbs per side in the rear and get it plumbed in for about $1000 dollars. Is this worth it, or are there better options out there? If there are please send me on the right track. My buddies and I do a lot of wakeboarding and wakesurfing, so getting a huge wake would be nice.

Thanks in advance!




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Boat looks great... you will really enjoy it.

I have the same set up in my 2010. I have enjoyed the speaker and amp set up. You will need to get someone to tune your amps to get the most out of the speakers. Then they will kick.

The only trouble with the system cutting out is when I let the voltage get too low. Then the whole system cuts in and out.

You will have an alarm sound if you start driving to fast with the wedge down. It easy to forget. It will make handling erratic.

You have the wake hull from looking at your pictures.

The wake is very nice on this boat. It will make a very big wake with all tanks full and the wedge down. The wake should be more than big enough for most riders. You made need to add a little extra in the rear when surfing.

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That's one sick boat!!! I use babes products for everything(seats,wax and spot remover) Spray on-wipe off. You can find it online at Bakes. Enjoy your ride!!!!!

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