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23 LSV random questions

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Met some friends on Conroe today with the new boat. Was reminded frequently why we go up to Somerville. :P We finally did hit a nice little cove and it was good.

The stereo is pretty awesome, but you've got no tower control. On our old boat I had all the boat speakers on 'front' and the towers on 'rear', that way I could easily use Fade to keep the cabin quieter, but make sure the rider could hear the music. Is there an easy way to make the tower speakers louder than the rest of the boat? If not, has anyone re-wired the factory system to move the cabin speakers to front?

Shooting across the lake in big swells, the stereo cut out every time we'd hit a wave. At first I thought maybe the iPod had a loose connection or something, but I switched to the radio and it was doing the same thing. The power seemed to stay on on the head unit, just no sound for maybe a second give or take. Is this normal or should I have the dealer check it out? I'm assuming it's just a loose connection that can be fixed, because I searched here and didn't get a ton of hits.

Also, on several heavy slams, the throttle would drop by itself, running the RPMs way up. It kind of felt like driving a Toyota! :P Fortunately we don't normally drive through the crap that is the center of Conroe, but is that normal? If I have this problem later, is there a way to tighten up the electronic throttle so a bump won't drop it?

On the perko switch, I think you have to switch it to 'all' or 'both' to charge both batteries. Is that right? Can someone give me a quick run-down of the perko options and when you use what? I read in the manual that one of the advantages of two batteries is that the stereo stays on while starting. However, when you turn the key off, the stereo turns off until you go to accessory (backwards) with the perko either on 1 or on both. I'm assuming that's the way it's supposed to work, but kind of annoying. I still haven't figured out how to set the clock, lol.

The bimini top has velcro straps at the sides. Try as I might, I can't get these fastened where I'm assuming they go. I even hooked one side before pulling it back tight and couldn't get the other side around, even before putting the back down. Am I missing something or does the thing just need to stretch for a while before the straps will fit?

I surprised (and disappointed) how much water gets where. I read the warning that the glove box isn't guaranteed to be perfectly dry, but come on! We've taken water over the bow while learning the boat and dialing in the wake and one time we absolutely soaked the glove box, even though it wasn't that much water. Both trips out the area under the passenger hatch has taken on lots of water. I understand it's a lake and you're gonna get wet, but can you not engineer a small area that won't get wet unless the boat sinks? How hard is it? I keep my phone in the little pocket next to the iginition, which is totally open and oddly seems to be the only place on the boat that doesn't get wet.

Has anyone tried to seal the glove box from underneath? Can y'all recommend some good dry bags? (The large dry bag we've been using for years for purses we found out yesterday isn't reall dry :( ).

Thanks for any tips, pointers and help!

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1) Go into the stereo threads and search for the wetsounds 420, should help you control the tower speakers.

2) Let the dealer fix the stereo cutting out issue

3) When you drive keep one hand on the throttle and one on the wheel, the dealer may be able to put a stiffer spring in there for you but it could start to go the other way and pull back to idle.

4) The perko switch does not control your stereo, you can keep battery 1 as your starting battery and then have battery 2 as your stereo battery. If you don't have the engine running and want to listen to the stereo for awhile, put it to battery 2 only and then switch to battery 1 when you want to start the boat. The switch just directs which battery the boat is pulling power from. While underway run from both batteries.

5) Once you learn how not to drown the boat/dip the bow, the boat will be alot drier. Give it some gas on those rollers and you will be fine. When you take water in the bow it just runs all the way down the boat, nothing you can really do to prevent that.


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The bimini top has velcro straps at the sides. Try as I might, I can't get these fastened where I'm assuming they go. I even hooked one side before pulling it back tight and couldn't get the other side around, even before putting the back down. Am I missing something or does the thing just need to stretch for a while before the straps will fit?


Oh and seriously, how do I set the clock?

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I installed a 2nd battery in mine and put in a automatic battery isolator which means you don't need to get in there and switch anything. It will pull power from one battery and then start from the strongest. But then it will determine which to charge first when the boat is running (charge the weakest). I think its only like a $30 part or so.

Last time out i left my stereo running for 2+ hours while we swam and the boat started right up, never have to worry about it.

My glove box never gets wet, thats odd. We keep everything in there too, phones, ipods, key fobs, etc. hmmm

The stereo should not cut out when hitting rough water. But turn off your smart phones or put them in airplane mode or you will get strange sounds from your speakers.

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I had my throttle assembly replaced under warranty for this same problem.(3 years ago) It would creep back till it fell out of set cruise speed or it would slam forward in hard hitting wakes as you mentioned. Not a good feeling when she goes full power without you expecting it. There is no tension control for the control.Why?

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OK, figured out how to set my clock, lol. Ucontrol posted instructions for his 2004, which gave me enough info to set it on the 10.

You press Display so that the clock shows on the RF HU, then press and hold Display until the hours flash. Then, use track forward/back to set hours and press Display again for minutes, etc.

As for the bimini, apparently it's just not made wide enough, lol. Warranty issue.

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