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Remove floor panel on Sunscape

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I have water dripping from the forward fin under the boat. It seems its a little loose. I want to tighten the bolts that hold it in. They are under the floor board in the boat. There are two screws at the forward corners of the floor section. I loosened both. NOW HOW DO I GET THE PIECE TO COME UP? Is there a special tool to pry it up? I don't want to damage it. I loosened one screw around the metal plate for the table thinking maybe this held the floor down too. Now that one bolt won't tighten completely. I suspect it is held in place by a nut on the other side.

Can anyone help me with instructions on how to get that section of floor to come out? Is there anything else I have to do to the fin to make it water tight? Do I have to put silicone under it before I tighten it?


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Getting that panel out for the first time is a real beeotch. The only screws holding it in are the two in the forward corners.

Loosening the screws around the table mount will get you no where. You can re-tighten that loose one once you get the panel out.

What I did was insert the table pole into the base to give me some rocking/torque/leverage on the panel. Don't get too carried away with rocking the table pole because that section of floor is an aluminum honeycomb and it will deform if you're too aggressive with it.

What you really need to do is slip a 90* tool under the forward lip of the panel to get underneath it and pull up. Something like this.

Once you get it out, you'll want to add a little strap to the underside of the panel for future removals. I take that panel out so often to look at my actual fuel level that I don't even bother re-installing the screws. It's a super tight fit.



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Ok. I got the floor section up. I ended up pulling at an angle on the screw at one corner. Kept wiggling and eventually got the corner to come up. I tried torquing on the table leg but nothing happened.

So here's the problem. All I see is a big gas tank. There is one nut that has an allen wrench socket in it deep inside the closest cutout in the gas tank to the bow. This is for the fin closest to the stern. I need to get to the nut for the fin closest to the bow. How do you get to it? The only way I see to getting to it would be to remove the gas tank!Please tell me there is another way.

Floor panel removed

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Not in the ski locker. Looked already. Don't know what the small door is. I can feel the second nut under the gas tank. I just don't know how anyone could reach it.

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Your dealer was open on a National holiday.

I have found a few of those, expecially the ones located near a lake.

One service guy told me he knew people out for the holiday weekend might need quick repairs or parts, and so he stayed open. He took his holiday after everyone else left the lake. :)

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The plot thickens. I called my regular service guy. Yes he's on vacation too but he answered his cell phone. Turns out they are not fiberglassed in. He needs to take the gas tank out and tighten the nuts from the inside. So on the trailer it goes.

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