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Engine oil for Indmar Monsoon 335

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Hello Crew;

Just signed up today. Had a 1993 Centurion Falcon for the longest time and bought a 2003 Response LXI a few years back. Must admit the old Centurion handled great and had a awesome (small and soft) wake for skiing enthusiasts. The Mallbu is pretty close though, not bad considering it also has the extra weight of the tower.

Have a question? Been using Penzoil 15w40 long life gold series oil (same oil my local Malibu dealer uses). But for some reason can't find this oil up here this year. Anyone have suggestions of other 15w40 brands they currently use or have been recommended to use with the Monsoon 335 engine?


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I have a good friend of mine that uses nothing but Kendall oil in everything he has. His Harley has over 250K and the motor has never been touched!

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thanks for the replies. Bought some rotella the other day, but just wasn't sure it was the same rating. A local auto parts supplier was suggesting Castrols 15w40 heavy as it still has zinc in it.

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Try to stay clear from Penziol they were bought out by a Texas oil company (another buy out). I do not know how they get the Pennsylvania oil to Texas it is not the same as the old PA crude. No one is using it here anymore.

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Shell Rotella is just fine. Porsche has a list of oils that they allow. Shell Rotella is on the list. Mobil One is the big brand that you can buy at Costco and WalMart. I used that in my other two Pcars, but my recent Porsche oil change they went to the Shell product.

Among high grade oils there is no overwhelming difference but rather that you change frequently and replace the filter.

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I ran a Honda synthetic for 5 years on my monsoon.

Used the 10W-40 racing bike oil. Engine was spotless inside, and never burned a drop of oil

after 1000 hours. Think it's called the HP4.

I also run in some fairly cold water. Never gets over 75 deg F here. So engine heat is not an


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