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Broadcast or Coex surf board


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I bought one of those two surf choices today. I am pretty sure I bought the right one.

Broadcast looked "friendly". The Coex looked "workable".

You guys trued these and have any opinions/reviews?

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I have both! The broadcast will last you one season if that! The coex will get you a little farther on but not much. They are great beginner boards and the coex will get you beyond beginner. I have ridden my coex for two straight seasons and demoed the [email protected]##t out of anything I could get my hands on. I ended up with a tripple x skim style board I could not beat the bang for the buck. Have fun with which ever you have and dont ever let it go! you will love to have if for everyone else.

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Not sure why you looking for opinions *after* buying, but here goes.

Our first board was the Broadcast and it's still the boat board. I think you nailed the basic characteristics. The Broadcast is incredibly easy to get up on. It's the best board for all but the very smallest to learn on. We've had 9 year olds get up and ride solo on that board. It's a great board, easy to use and has good push, but it doesn't carve super fast.

If you ask for a list of boards people have, more than half will include the Broadcast from what I've seen.

Oh, btw, in my profile pic that's me on the Broadcast. On FB, my profile is me on the Broadcast with my 70 pound Doberman mix. I haven't been able to free ride with him yet, but we're getting there.

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I was just asking for argument's sake. I knew what I wanted and boght the COEX. The Broadcast looked too tame for my tastes. All the guys I ride with are old skateboarders and we wakeskate more than we wakeboard. That is what the difference in the two boards looked like to me. The Broadcast was more like a wakeboard and the COEX was more like a skate.

When they told me, "everyone buys the broadcast" I knew it was not the board for me...and I had a $300 limit...or I would be on Byerly's new board.

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I have had my Broadcast since they first came out in 2003.

We use it mostly as a training board cuz its very ez to ride and fits most sizes of people.

Removed the 2 outside fins and run a single fin in the center - much much better performance.

Never liked the COEX.

But for the real deal you're gonna need something from Phase 5 or Inland Surfer.

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Same here as Brad B. We use the Broadcast and an original Landlock for trainers depending on rider size. For really big guys we put .6" fins on the Landlock to make it looser after they learn how to ride, otherwise it's like riding a 4X8 sheet of plywood. You can pick them up cheap because people outgrow them quickly. Watch on eBay or post up WTB ads.

Phase 5 ROCKS!! :rockon:

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