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Shouldnt have sold the Bu...

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So I sold my Bu and found a 1996 Super Sport Nauti for a good deal... After a meet and a successful test drive we agreed on a price and I towed it home May 27th. Spent $1500 to rewire, replace fried speakers, custom make a box, add another battery and perko switch at Custom Sounds and had the windows tinted.. The boat was in bad need of some love and the trailer was pretty rough, both axles on a single axle dorsey were bent after further inspection. Found a new trailer and headed North to Austin for Memorial Weekend. Here's where things go bad...

Saturday, May 29th :

We hit the lake kinda late and the water was pretty rough, finally found a smooth area to throw in at. Start filling up the ballast and noticed the boat start listing bad to one side, **** port side ballast not filling. No prob, unhooked the ballast puppy and plugged in the fly high pump and we got under way.. Set the perfect pass and off we went. Well first double up the boat hit, the perfect pass screen turns into what looks like the matrix movie. Still works, but the screen is black and unreadable. Nothing I could do fixed it... Later I found out the impeller was fried on the ballast puppy, no prob, I had spares and now ready for the party on lake travis on sunday..

Sunday May 30th :

I've never seen water this rough, ocean size swells! So obviously no wakeboarding today, but I'll enjoy the party.

Tied up to another SAN, in a line of at least 50 boats. As I was on another boat, someone stepping onto my rear seat fell and broke the base of the rear seats... And while I was out a pontoon boat tied up and didnt use bumpers, scratching my hull to ****.. As soon as I saw that I rushed over and untied them, with a big WTF face on! In the process of untying them a girl makes a dash to jump on my boat. Well she slipped and tried to catch her, dislocating by shoulder... Im well beyond happy and now in pain. Got the shoulder back in, had a smoke to relieve the pain and had to chill while my friends continued to party and have a good time.

Finally time to leave with a boat full of drunks and me not in the best of moods. Well on the way home the master caution light turns on. The warning light says "for loss of oil pressure or over heating." Oil pressure at 50psi, water temp at 160 and no where to tie up while I'm waiting on the trailer to back in, so I leave it running.. Get the boat tied up and wiped down, inspecting the damage of the day, clearly I'm not happy...

As I'm leaving out of the marina, there's cops everywhere! One jumps on my a** and sure enough lights me up. Great, I'm hauling a truck full of drunks with 5-0 walking up. Pulled me over for no license plate!! Turns out someone jacked my plate! I have all the paperwork from the recent buy and he lets me off with a warning.

Tuesday, June 1st.

Boat finally makes it to the Sail and Ski (Nautique shop...) Says it will be 2 weeks before they can look at it.

Tuesday, June 29th.

Apparently the boats from flood in San Marcos are more important than my boat. And because of the impending hurricane, they are trying to find places to put the boats from the coast. Finally they started to look at it.. Cant figure out why the master caution light is on. Says they have grounded out, replaced and inspected all the sensors. All are working condition and apparently the older computer doesn't send codes..

Thursday, July 1st :

Its been a month, and Sail and Ski is waiting on call from PCM to help them diagnose the problem. And apprently they want their lead tech to look at it, which wont be till tomorrow. $%#&!!! I WANT MY BOAT BACK!!! I've only used it twice, in rough water and haven't had a good day on it yet!! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER SOLD THE BU!!!! Lesson learned!

A couple pics from before the new trailer and the trip to Austin.. Its getting a full detail, new rub rails and a lot of get coat work while its at the shop.. After and if they figure out whats wrong with it.

Couple pics from after the stereo/tint and before the trailer..



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Sounds like your hitting a run of bad luck, man that's rough. Sweet looking SAN and Nautis are great boats, but yea....shoulda kept the BU ;)

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Buying a used boat can be a bad experience, I think the only way I were to do that is if I knew the people selling it and had been on it a few times. Look on the bright side, at least you have a boat......most people sit and watch from the beach.

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Man your story gave me an anxiety attack. My new-to-me boat story isn't as bad as yours, but reading it might help you to feel a little better. You can read it here.

Buying a used boat is always a risk. The guy that sold me mine said the bilge was always bone dry. Well, I have to run the bilge every hour or so because the packing nut and the flush pro coupling both leak like a sive. And the cover which he told me was in good shape was torn to crap and required a coule hundred dollars in repair. The RPM gauge only works when it's in a good mood and one of the vacuum lines in the air intake is plugged so the engine makes a high pitch noise that apparently only my dog and I can hear, but it drives me nuts. None of this stuff is major, hard to fix, or overly expensive, but it serves as a reminder that there is no such thing as a perfect used boat.

Best of luck. I hope you get your baby back soon.

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Look on the bright side, at least you have a boat......most people sit and watch from the beach.

That's a good perspective. 'Cause you could always just sell your boat and not have one. (Enough of that crazy talk).

I'm going to have to remember this on those days like Souperfly's when things are just falling apart.

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This quote will go down as a classic, whenever someone complains about a bad time we should post this.

Cheer up and read:

After living together and being engaged for a year and a half (we were waiting to hopefully get the blessings of her parents who don't want to let go of their daughter), we decided to elope to a sandals resort and get married anyway which was planned for the end of July. I came home sat morning from a business trip to find she had moved out, took everything, including our 3 year old son, she canceled her phone which was on my plan to get her own plan instead of just switching to her own plan which cost me 200 in canceling her contract, on top of that, when I told my dad he said well it's not a good time to tell you that I bought yall a house (our dream house) for your wedding present that we could have moved into next week. So now I have to go to court to get joint custody of my son which won't be until the fall, a house I have to sell, lost my family, and I wrecked my truck this morning. Why did she leave? Her mom wanted her to move back in with them bc they missed her and my son, and so she could help pay their mortgage bc her lazy a** dad doesn't have a job and her mom works at jc pennys and they liked her ex bf better than me and wants her to try with him again, he doesn't have a job didn't go to college and lives with his parents. Why doesn't her mom like me? She thinks me and my family are stuck up bc we are able to afford nice things (such as nice cars, and my boat which I bought) and that I'm spoiled and don't know what it's like to work hard for things and she doesn't want her daughter like that, mainly bc I bought her daughter a new accord. My dad started two companies from nothing and has done well,And is a cancer surviver, I don't work for either of his companies bc I wanted to do my own thing and have busted my a** to get where I am today by selling insurance while going back to school two nights a week to get my MBA. This coming from her dad who has been unemployed for two years bc he's happy with the government check he's getting, and her mom who instead of trying to work out to get in shape, actually gained weight in order for the state to pay for her to get gastric bypass and she has alread stretched her stomach back out by eating to much and has to get another one. Too bad her daughter really is a great girl, just needs to grow up a bit.

Moral of the story: dont try to marry someone who is so influenced by her parents that she is basically still a 27 year old kid. But it's hard bc you can't help who you fall in love with. Pray for the ones you love.

Good side: I have a trip to any sandals resort for two that's paid for, getting a new truck from some jackass's insurance company that hit me, it's 95 degrees and sunny with a heat index of 100, I'm taking the rest of the week off bc I have friends that are there for me and we are going to ride glass for a few days.

End Venting. Sorry...

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This quote will go down as a classic, whenever someone complains about a bad time we should post this.

Cheer up and read:

Dawg, that was one of the worst stories I ever read. How could you not feel better about your own situation (ALMOST no matter what it is), after reading that?

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